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by Jon Lumsden

The majority of students in healing arts schools have little or no experience in business planning or marketing. Since many graduates go into business by themselves, they have to accomplish virtually all the necessary business-related tasks alone. Marketing is among the easiest jobs to postpone or overlook. These practitioners need a simple, proven system to effectively market their services.

One of the most comprehensive, cost-effective marketing tools is the client education newsletter. In one easy step, a well-written newsletter can reach the entire client base, and:

  • Continually educate clients on the benefits of your services
  • Remind clients to call for their next appointment
  • Inspire clients to try different services
  • Promote product sales
  • Provide helpful information
  • Encourage gift certificate sales and referrals
  • Show clients how important they are
  • Strengthen the practitioner's professional image
  • Build strong client/practitioner relationships

The two main goals a practitioner has in marketing his/her practice are to attract new clients and to get them to rebook. A good newsletter can accomplish both. The secret is getting the newsletters out to the correct public-the people who are most open to receiving your services. The obvious people to send newsletters to are all active and inactive clients. Newsletters also attract new business by targeting acquaintances and health-oriented people. Good locations to distribute newsletters include health food stores, offices of allied health practitioners (e.g., chiropractors), health fairs, lectures/demonstrations, and in the break rooms of companies where the employees are in stress-related professions.

Since few practitioners have the time or skill to create their own marketing materials, using a service like Massage Marketing's Staying in Touchr newsletters is an ideal solution (see special offer on page 3). These newsletters have the personal feel that gives the impression that the practitioner created each issue, yet all that needs to be done is to add one's contact info to the master copy, then print, address and mail them.

Practitioners learn that clients who receive consistent treatments generally report enjoying better health rewards than those who only receive occasional sessions. The health of one's practice can enjoy a similar boost through consistent marketing. It makes perfect sense: When a practitioner mails newsletters to his/her client base every couple of months, the number of clients calling to book appointments should increase. This consistent marketing builds momentum for the practice the same way consistent wellness treatments helps a body build momentum toward better health.

One more pertinent comparison between wellness care and marketing: We know from centuries of experience and observation that regular health treatments such as massage helps the body maintain a more balanced state of health, and that it can address the source of many health issues. The simple act of regularly sending newsletters to the client base puts practitioners in a more causative position, making positive things happen in their practices rather than just waiting for their clients to decide to call.

Classroom Caper

Effective Marketing with Client Newsletters

Objective: Learners understand the importance and effectiveness of promoting their services with educational client newsletters.

Overview: Demonstrate how a consistent marketing plan can result in a consistently full appointment schedule. Introduce the "cost vs. return" concept of marketing (spend $50-60 mailing to 100 clients; bring in $200-$250 in appointments and $50-$150 in gift certificate sales).

Procedure: Start with an idea session on the reasons they would send their school clinic clients and potential clients something in the mail. Discuss what format they would consider as most effective (e.g., personal letter, brochure, postcard, newsletter) and why they think so. Have class members suggest possible results they could expect from the distribution of newsletters. (See cover article.) List how and to whom they can market their services with an educational newsletter. Examples: Mail to clients and prospective clients; send to chiropractors and other caregivers with an accompanying cover letter introducing themselves, including an introductory discount; use as handouts in health-food stores, upscale hotel lobbies, at health fairs, when giving talks; use instead of business cards; send to new area residents with a cover letter and first-visit discount.

Each student makes a list of at least 20 friends, relatives, and acquaintances in the area to send a student newsletter. Create a student newsletter or use the sample massage student newlsetter provided.* Personalize each student's newsletter with the student's name, the school's return address and school's clinic phone number. Students gather mailing addresses, print and mail newsletters to list.

Develop a short follow-up phone script. Questions to include in the script: Did you get the newsletter? Have you had time to read it? Any questions? Would you like to schedule a session at the school clinic? Have students call 5 people to whom they mailed their newsletter within 48 hours of mailing. (HINT: Suggest they make the follow-up calls to people they are very comfortable communicating with. Point out that when they're interested in the other person, they will be more at ease talking with others-and consequently more successful!)

Discussion: How easy or difficult was this project? What did you learn from this activity? Do you think this is a good way to market your services? Why or why not? What responses did you get from your follow-up calls? Did you get the results you expected?

Teacher's Note:Plans can be made to work on these other uncomfortable situations in a future class.

Materials Required: Access to Internet to prepare master copy of the Staying in Touch newsletter* (or another newsletter that the class prepares), nice quality paper for newsletter copies, computer & printer for printing/preparing issues, mailing addresses and 39-cent postage stamps.

Time Required: 2-4 hours

Source: Jon Lumsden, Massage Marketing

FREE Student Newsletters!

FREE! Download a complimentary copy of two great student newsletters from Massage Marketing and Acupuncture MediaWorks. These special editions are designed for students to send to their family and friends, inviting them to come to your school for a student massage or acupuncture treatment. You (or the student) just download the issue, add the student's name and the school's contact information, address and then mail them. This teaches the student about marketing to their "warm" markets and brings more people to the school to receive student massage and acupuncture services.

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Newsletters Word Jumble

Unscramble the six words below in this issue's Word Jumble. Using the letters in the circles, rearrange the letters to finish the caption of the cartoon.

Out with "Ye Olde Letter" and in with

::Puzzle Solution

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The Corner Piece

Newsletters Word Search: In this month's puzzle there are 41 newsletter words and phrases (and at least 17 bonus words) hidden in this word search. Can you find them all?

 Y P O C O T O H P R I N T I N G E
 L C O P Y R I G H T A B B I N G T
 I P O S I T I V E C U D O R T N I
 A E E M T N E T S I S N O C E L H
 D N O R M A L V S R E F F O L A W
 V J B A S U G T I T L E S U V D D
 E O N I D O N E T T E A S E R D N
 R Y C D O F N I T C A T N O C R A
 T A M A U G R A C U R M S P E E K
 I B A S B W R E L A B O R T S S C
 S L R E L U U A T I T I T O C S A
 E E K L E S L I P T Z E R I F I L
 T N E C S C O A C H L E P T T N B
 A W T I I N F E R S Y O L R S G I
 D A I T D T F E W Y T A B L O I D
 P R N R E F F E C T I V E W C O D
 U D G A A D N F U L L C O L O R F
:: Puzzle solution

You too can make fun word searches for your students using word search engines like DiscoverySchool's PuzzleMaker.

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