[Photo courtesy of Ryan Hoyme at MassageNerd.com]

Sitting with my sister-in-law through hospital, rehab, and doctor visits recently, has me thinking about how differently bodyworkers approach health care. I found this blog in our archives from Natural Touch Marketing, and it is so appropriate that I am republishing it today. Bodyworkers, I know you are doing these 10 things, and more. Thank you. ~Deanna

[The following was originally published in 2008 by Eileen on the Natural Touch Marketing blog. It is re-published here with permission.]

I’m sitting in yet another doctor’s waiting room while I am writing this. So far they are 20 minutes late in calling me back. It used to be (one whole week ago) that this situation would agitate me. Waiting. I would start thinking about all the work on my desk, the people who planned on me coming back on time, my son waiting for me, and the fact that I pay money to sit here and wait. However, I have resolved to enter into a year-long effort to re-balance my life. I shall create some value from these Waiting Room Purgatories. So, while I wait…

Here are the Top 10 Things My Bodyworkers Do (that doctors do rarely):

  1. My bodyworkers rarely run late. When they do, I get an apology.
  2. My bodyworkers keep the feeling of “sickness” out of their waiting room and/or studio.
  3. My bodyworkers are (or at least act like they are) glad to see me.
  4. My bodyworkers, while trained and educated, don’t act like they know more about what I’m feeling nor do they trivialize or dismiss a feeling.
  5. My bodyworkers let me talk or be quiet while I heal.
  6. My bodyworkers give me music.
  7. My bodyworkers usually call after a “big release” session to see how I’m doing.
  8. My bodyworkers smile at me.
  9. My bodyworkers don’t have the world’s lamest art hanging in the hallway.
  10. I always feel better — cared for, treated, valued — after a session with my bodyworkers.

Well, this didn’t take long to put together. As people start to cut back on “luxuries,” I think you all ought to spend some time examining exactly how your services contrast with and complement Western medicine. You are not a luxury. You are a positive force. It could be that your clients who are on the fence about spending money for a session with you would respond to specific statements about your work, how it can make them feel, and how it can measurably improve their lives and outlook. I just gave you 10 specific reasons why I prefer to come see you. I can’t be too different from your clients. Take the list. Make it your own. Use it to talk to your clients. They need you.

Thank you all for doing the work you have chosen. I feel like all the healing energy you put into your sessions helps counteract a lot of Mind Pollution floating around out there. I feel better just thinking about you.

All my best, Eileen