2013’s Most Read Articles in Massamio’s Massage Therapy Blog

Our blog is one of the funnest things we do at Massamio. We started out like most people with about two people reading it, but over time it has grown to attract more than 20,000 readers every month (along with our resources pages). The blog covers important topics you need to grow your massage therapy practice. Topics include business advice, social media, marketing, education, techniques, and more. 



Some of the smartest people in the massage therapy profession contribute their knowledge including Allissa Haines, Melissa Finley, Irene Diamond, Cherie Sohnen-Moe, Lu Mueller-Kaul, Laura Allen, and Julie Onofrio to name a few.

So, like we did for 2013’s Most Popular FREE Massamio Resources for Independent Massage Therapists, we created a blog highlighting the most popular articles we’ve posted. Some of them might surprise or delight you. Check them out below.

1) 3 massage myths you should stop repeating, by Allissa Haines. This blog has been read almost 25,000 times!


2) 10 amazing massage room ideas on Pinterest:

massage ceiling lights-resized-600

3) 5 DIY projects for massage therapists:


4) 11 ways to reach new massage therapy clients:

11 ways

5) How to integrate self-care into your routine as a massage therapist, interview with Melissa Finley:


6) 5 ways Affordable Care Act [aka Obamacare] affects massage therapists, by Julie Onofrio:


7) Best massage tables for the independent massage therapist:


8) The best online scheduling tools for massage therapists:


9) 8 TED talks that will inspire you to be a better massage therapist:


10) Best ways to answer the question, “How often should I get a massage?”

how often massage

Now that you know which of our articles are the most popular, you may enjoy reading our other post on 2013’s Most Popular Free Resources for Independent Massage Therapists.

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