3 Steps to Cost-Effective Gift Certificate Sales

Yep, the holidays are coming, so help yourself out. Get your supply of eye-catching gift certificates in stock, and let clients know you have them.

1. Save money on your gift certificates

If you’re on a budget, that’s okay. Be careful with what money you have to invest, but don’t let this golden time for gift certificate sales pass you by. Order a few gift certificate templates at a time. And provide them to customers via email if you want to save on printing, paper, etc.

2. Put the word out

Whatever you do, get those shiny puppies in your studio this fall. Let your clients see them and touch them with an inviting display. Send emails, a postcard, or a newsletter to promote gift certificates, and advertise them on your website.

Marketing experts are always talking about using “multiple channels” for sales. What that means is you need to contact clients in several ways. Postcards stand out in the mail, and are easy to read. Some clients will check their email everyday, others rarely. Some people will check out your website periodically, others don’t even know you have one. So get your gift certificate campaign going, even if it’s a miniature one.

A gift certificate template costs about the same as a latte plus tip! You can afford to print 5 copies, or 10 or 25. Get a couple of different designs, so clients can choose what they like. Display them and wrap them nicely. If you want to save the postage, send a quick email or e-newsletter. Definitely announce their availability on the home page of your website.

3. Make it easy on buyers and receivers

Make gift certificates easy to acquire. Be willing to mail them to the buyer — or the recipient. And bend over backwards to get those recipients in your schedule when they call. Always remember, we’re not just talking about selling a gift certificate or three. If you prepare well for new clients and do everything you can to take care of them, you can cultivate a regular client stream that will appreciate you and support your business into the New Year and beyond. Stay tuned for next week’s post on how to keep those first-time clients coming back.