[Image courtesy of GraphicStock.]

[Image courtesy of GraphicStock.]

In our last blog, we gave you the steps for creating great testimonials.

Here’s 3 more tips to get you started…

Tips for Terrific Testimonials

  1. Get approval! Before you publish any testimonials, read or email them to your clients. Let them know if you changed them at all (see step 3 in the previous blog). Explain that you edited them for readability, but didn’t change the message. Make sure clients approve the changes. You don’t want to risk alienating a happy client by making something public they don’t feel good about.
  2. Give something to get something! Just starting out? We don’t normally advocate discounting your work, but this idea has merit. Give some free or discounted sessions for the sole purpose of getting testimonials. Whoever takes you up on this must agree to give their opinions after the session, give prior permission to publish them, and include their full names and titles. Insist they give their honest opinions, so that you can get constructive ideas for improvement, too. See if you can get a chiropractor, physical therapist, and/or personal trainer — or one of their clients — on the table. (Hey, you could even do this before you have your license, while you are practicing.)
  3. Share! Add testimonials to your website for sure, but also include them on your LinkedIn profile, in your brochure, and on your flyers. Testimonials are like gold, but not the kind you want to hoard!

Any of you have other great tips for testimonials? We would love to hear them.