4 Reasons to Focus on Ideal Clients

Marketing your practice to your Ideal Clients will save both your sanity and your tooth enamel. Here’s why:

1. Ideal Clients Save You Money

You can spend $1000 on a postcard that might generate 10 responses. Or you can pay $100 to advertise in an event’s program, or a dentist’s newsletter, or a city’s parks department schedule. Go where your Ideal Clients are and spend your money there. You’ll get a better response.

2. Ideal Clients Save You Effort

When you know who your Ideal Clients are, you know what they need, where you can find them, and what they need to hear from you. Rather than broadcasting a message about the general benefits of massage, you are able to speak directly to them using phrases they identify with. You’ll get a better return on your efforts.

3. Ideal Clients Make You Smarter

If you learn that working with headache sufferers is your gift, then that’s where you will focus your research efforts. That’s where you will focus your CE classes. That’s where you will work on developing your professional circle, with dentists and PT/OTs and chronic pain managers. You’ll discover new techniques within yourself. You’ll have at least one “Aha!” a month. You’ll start becoming known among clients, medicos, and your peers as the go-to therapist for headache issues. Soon you’ll be writing articles and teaching CEs yourself. Next thing you know, you’ll be whisked away in a black limo to a heavily guarded hotel room in a swing state and find yourself saying, “Okay, Ms. President, breathe through it.” Hey, it could happen. But you’ll never know unless you focus. You’ll get an excellent reputation that will bring in more clients.

4. Ideal Clients De-Clutter Your Life

Focusing your marketing efforts on one (or two or three) specific group makes marketing cleaner and more effective. You know who you are talking to, what they want to hear, and when they want to hear it. You toss all massage generalizations out the window when you’re talking to a specific group. If runners are your focus, you can quit thinking about how massage helps with sleep issues or reduces stress. Your springtime message to runners will be only about reducing the likelihood of injury. You’ll get to breathe more freely.

In Conclusion

I realize it’s tough in the beginning when all you want are more clients, ideal or not. And maybe you don’t know who your Ideal Clients are yet. You’ll learn. You can change your mind. Maybe you are an established practitioner with a lot of Vampire Clients (nice people who suck the life force out of you). Focusing on your Ideal Clients eases out the energy suckers and opens the door for the clients you should be working with. In the end, everyone is happier.