4 Sizzling Samples of Holiday Promotionals

Are you preparing to send seasonal messages in your mailings, emails, or on your website? Here are four ideas for promotional messages and actual samples you can use to get started.

  • Support a cause. Roper Starch Worldwide found that 83% of US consumers have a more positive image of a company that champions a cause.
  • Promote your gift certificate sales. Here are some guidelines:
    • While it’s a good idea to offer some kind of discount in your promotion, make sure you don’t undercut your income.
    • Keep the offer simple, so it’s easy to read and understand. If you have more than one offer, you can always tell clients about the others when they respond to the promo.
    • Simply remind them gift certificates are available. It’s really easy just to print your contact info on the back of one of our holiday promotional postcards such as Holiday Handprint.
    • Motivate clients to call by offering a little something extra, even if it’s not a discount. Tell them you’ll mail the gift certificate to the recipient so they don’t have to, or you’ll wrap the gift certificate for free.
  • Remind clients they need a massage, too. On your promotional, give them your best reasons to come in during the holidays. For example, they need to keep their energy up to meet their responsibilities or simply be able to enjoy the season. Or you can remind them that taking the time to breathe and relax during this hectic season can boost their immunity and benefit their health in many other ways.
  • Target at least one specific group of clients with a promo aimed specifically at them. Ask yourself, who are your best clients and why do they make the effort to come in? Pick a group of clients who have similar concerns, say pregnant women, and target at least one promo to them alone. I was a massage therapist in a hospital for some years, so many of my clients were healthcare workers, a group notorious for not practicing good self-care. They were working too hard and not taking enough, or any, downtime.

Adding Free Art

In creating your promos, you will probably be looking for inviting images to add. There’s plenty of other free clip art on the web if you are making your own postcards. Check out these resources.

  • Nontrads.com has a great introductory overview of getting clip art off the web with advice and a list of free clip art websites.
  • Microsoft has A LOT of free clip art.
  • Avery has fewer choices than Microsoft, but it’s easy to access and look over.