4 Ways You Can Start Using Video for Your Massage Therapy Marketing

massage videoThere’s no question about it, people are consuming visual content at a rapid pace and there doesn’t seem to be any signs of that changing. Video is huge on the internet. And using video as part of your massage practice marketing is a no-brainer.

Why video?

For most people, it is simply easier to watch someone do something and listen to instructions than it is to read a long and possibly complex set of written instructions or explanations. Writing well and communicating complex ideas is a very special skill. Not everyone is a writer and for many it just takes too much time, effort, and frustration to compose engaging blog posts or articles.

Most of us have a video camera or webcam on our laptops, and it’s much easier to look into the camera and just talk like you’re having a conversation with another person. Using images, facial expressions, props, and narration can be the perfect solution to communicating with your audience and teaching them something valuable.

So, how can start using video to promote your massage therapy practice and start getting new clients?

1. Record short “how-to’s”

You may not want to give away the tricks of the trade by showing people how to perform self-care, but trust us, giving a little away isn’t going to keep them from becoming clients. Remember, you’re establishing yourself as a trusted expert who is there to help others.

Some ideas for video how-to’s can be as simple as ‘how to stretch your wrists to relieve carpal tunnel’ or ‘how to take a 2 minutes stretching break at your desk’, or ‘how to make your own aromatherapy kit.’ It can be loosely related to massage or health, and the best part is… you create valuable content that people want to watch, then you have a wealth of content to share on your blog, Facebook page, and YouTube. That kind of content is highly shareable, and voila, your name and your business gets passed on. Now, potential clients have a face and voice to put to a name.

Here’s an example how-to video from us:

2. Consistency

If you’re going to start creating video content, make a plan to do it consistently. Don’t overreach on your first few videos because then you’ll feel like it’s taking too much time and then you won’t keep it up. It’s easy to take an hour or so to film several short videos, and then schedule them to go out throughout the month. Your audience will get used to expecting a new video from you, the expert, on a regular basis. That keeps you, your business, and massage fresh in their minds…and more likely to keep booking appointments or referring you to friends!

3. Use video to connect with your clients

Don’t be afraid to get a little personal in your videos. It’s nice to peek into someone else’s life and get to know them in a way that is surprising. Use some of your video time to share little stories about yourself, your schooling and history, or even funny stories about when you were first starting out as a massage therapist. Open up and show your clients and friends the real you, and you’ll be surprised how powerful that is in communicating your brand and your business with others. People love REAL people!

4. Host your videos on YouTube

You can create a video channel on YouTube for free. There are multiple benefits to hosting your videos on YouTube. First, you get extra exposure and views from people who are searching for videos on YouTube. Secondly, there is an additional SEO benefit from having video on YouTube when you include a URL link to your website. This builds precious inbound links to your home base from a traffic-heavy site, and boosts your website’s ranking.

All of that just means that video is good for helping people find you and your website!

What ideas do you have for using video to promote your massage therapy practice? Share your wisdom in the comments below!


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