5 Tips to get the Biggest Bang from Gift Certificate Packages

If you want to boost your clients’ interest in buying gift certificates, follow the lead of some upscale spas and create luxurious packages. I know we promote some of these ideas over and over in our blogs, but this stuff really works! And don’t miss the excellent scheduling advice in number 5.


Here’s 5 tips:

  1. Keep it simple. Offer only one or two packages, and give them explanatory names. Examples? The “Head to Toe” package includes head and neck massage along with acupressure to the head and reflexology to the feet. “Scentful Relaxation” consists of a receiving an individually designed essential oil blend that is then incorporated into a hot stone massage.
  2. Think about including slower-selling services in some of your packages. Your new technique or unfamiliar services may do better when sold as a special experience rather than as part of your regular offerings. For example, if you love giving Reiki or some other energy work technique, but clients normally want to stick with your “regular massage,” create an “Energy Plus” package that includes both.
  3. Don’t discount your package. If it’s a special combination you don’t offer at any other time, charge your normal fees. Clients usually don’t expect a discount when they’re buying a special gift. A holiday, just like a wedding, is a time when people often spare no expense. Offer a quantity discount if you want to encourage clients to buy more than one gift certificate or package.
  4. Consider building retail items into your packages. Select self-care products that reflect the package theme. Add pain-relieving ointments or gels to a “Stop the Aches” special. Package a hot stone treatment with a microwavable Bucky or similar pillow. Include an aromatherapy product and/or eye pillow with a “Recharge” package. If you carry some retail products, but sales are slow, this is great way to introduce your clients to them.
  5. Finally, here’s some advice from American Spa regarding the redemption of gift certificates and packages: Suddenly the tide of demand is rushing in and you quickly find your schedule and schedulers inundated with appointment requests. There’s a real danger that you’ll run out of the most coveted time slots, forcing you to offer appointments unacceptably far into the future, and irritating customers. They all seem to want the same thing — evening and weekend hours — but there are only so many of them to go around. Try this — not only with your package clients but also those who are scheduling anew or returning: offer your low-demand appointment time first, before suggesting any others. You’ll discover that a remarkable percentage of customers will accept them, and probably would have all along had they been proactively suggested before. One of the costliest questions at reception can be, “When would you like to come in?” Change that to, “We have an opening on Tuesday at 3:00. How would that work for you?” You can read the entire article: Holiday Spa Packages: Making A Good Thing Even Better for Your Business

What do you think? Are you for packages or against them? Why or why not?