6 Ways Brochures Can Make Marketing More Effective

A hammer doesn’t build a house, the person swinging the hammer does. Marketing tools don’t build your practice, you do. It’s all in how you use the tools available. You may be wondering whether brochures are still relevant. Natural Touch Marketing built and kept a strong business by producing massage and bodywork brochures, and they say that the relevance of client education brochures depends on how you use them.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 10.38.41 AMJust handing someone a brochure isn’t going to gain you a client. A brochure is to offer support or validation to the conversation you’re already having with a prospective client. It’s your backup. Some people do not find brochures useful at all. Some depend on them entirely. The best way to find out if they are good for your practice (and your clients) is to try them out.

Brochures are excellent tools to support word-of-mouth marketing. Here’s a small list of ways to use brochures effectively and economically:

  1. Include brochures with gift certificates. This is especially good for new clients who will be trying your service for the first time. It is also good for established clients who have been reluctant to try a different service. You know, the ones who have been hemming and hawing about whether to try or add onto their usual session.
  2. Send brochures home with any client who wants to speak for you. You all have your fans. Give them something to share that presents your practice in a professional, welcoming way. When someone says, “Oh, I have to tell my aunt about you.” Give them a brochure. A brochure coupled with your “fan’s” glowing description will create a much stronger impression.
  3. Hand out brochures after speaking. Whether you are speaking to a group about the benefits of your work, or to another type of healthcare professional you’d like to work with, a brochure is a good thing to hand out at the end of the conversation. A brochure reminds your audience of your main points and your healing philosophy. A brochure shows your peers that you take your profession and your service seriously.
  4. Use in networking. Your business card is an absolute essential. If a business card gives the essentials, a well-written brochure seals the good impression. Include brochures in letters to healthcare professionals when asking for referrals. Have brochures ready to give to people you meet on the bus or at the market.
  5. Include in communications to local publications. If you’re trying to interest the local media in doing a story on your work, or writing a press release, send a brochure to the editorial staff. If you’ve been interviewed, finish or follow up by giving the interviewer a brochure.
  6. Display them in your treatment room or lobby. You never know what your clients really know. You may have done two mailings, a special, and put up flyers all over town about your new hot stone service and your clients still don’t know you offer it. Or if they do know you do hot stone (or warm stone, or cold stone), they don’t know what it is exactly. Having a brochure available for clients to read while they wait can answer a lot of questions they — and you — didn’t know they have.

Whether you buy your brochures or write your own, be sure they are professional in appearance and text. Brochures, like your business cards, are often the first physical contact a client has with you. If you plan to write your own brochure, check out our tips for creating professional written communications. If you want to buy ready-made brochures, we now have Natural Touch Marketing’s brochures available for sale on our website. Download, personalize, and print as many as you want.

[Adapted from a Natural Touch Marketing post, originally published in 2010.]