7 Insights to Increase Gift Certificate Sales

Don’t just promote your gift certificates during the holiday season; promote them all year. Let’s explore some innovative ways of marketing those people-pleasing gems.

Gift Certificates

Use a business card to market gift certificates.

Get a second version of your regular business card or choose a different one specifically to promote certificates. Use a message such as: “Simple solutions for the holidays (or birthdays). Massage — a gift everyone loves. Ask about our gift certificate packages.” Include your contact information.

Set up a gift certificate display in your office.

Grab your clients’ attention with a fresh message, such as: “Free gift certificate insurance! Give us your contact information when you buy gift certificates. If your giftee doesn’t use it within a year, we will let you know — you’ll be able to use it for your next session!”

Arrange a massage or spa party.

Give brief samples of your work to participants as well as demonstrations of products and/or specialized techniques. If you offer gift certificate packages, describe them. Consider selling salves for sore muscles, hot and cold therapy products, and aromatherapy or other products you sell in your office. Invite clients to bring their friends and relatives. (See our blog articles on selling products and creating successful events.)

Instead of stating that you offer gift certificates, get specific.

Offer “hostess gifts,” “housewarming presents,” “gifts for the woman or man who has everything,” or “gifts for people who work hard and play hard.”

Include the chance to upgrade in your gift certificates.

For example, help your clients on a budget by offering half hour as well as one-hour gift certificates. In the half hour gift certificate, include a coupon such as: “Add another half hour to your gift for just $25.”

Post CardsCreate a postcard or coupon to promote your gift certificates.

Wherever you have an opportunity to meet new people, have postcards or flyers that announce a special such as: “Call before November 30th and get 10% off gift certificates.” Pass them out at an open house at your office. Offer them where you do your regular chair massage. Post one at a gym, library, or office building. Give a stack to your hairdresser or barista.


Web BannersAdd a colorful banner to your website or emails.

Grab attention online! For only 10 bucks you can use a web banner to nudge your clients and visitors to get those gift certificates.



Gift certificates bring you income, yes. And if you treat each new client with care, those new clients may stick with you for years, increasing your success and your professional satisfaction.


[Adapted from a Natural Touch Marketing post, originally published in 2012.]