Thankful-Collage-eCardIt’s well-known that attracting new clients costs more in time and money than encouraging clients that already appreciate you to come back. A full schedule of established clients is always your best source of regular income. Here’s seven ways to make it happen.

  1. Encourage clients to book ahead.

The best time to reschedule clients is just after their session with you. That’s when they are most aware of the wonderful benefits of your services. Have your schedule book out and open at that time.

  1. Educate clients about cumulative benefits.

Explain the benefits of cumulative sessions to every client, unless they are already true believers. If they ask, tell them the average frequency of sessions, or describe the range of scheduling frequency that meets a range of incomes.

  1. Make it easy for clients.

Once a client has seen you a few times, offer a standing appointment at their favorite time.

  1. Offer clients packages.

Many practitioners offer a discount for buying a certain amount of sessions in advance.

  1. Be available for clients.

If you can, especially in the first years of your practice, make yourself available when your clients can most conveniently come in. This will probably mean offering evening and weekend appointments.

  1. Send clients reminders.

For people you see infrequently, email them or send them a postcard occasionally to check in with them. Seeing your phone number on the card or email may be the only nudge they need to remember book an appointment.

  1. Offer to contact clients who can’t book ahead.

Offer to call or email people after several weeks or a month. Ask them, “Would you like me to give you a call in two (or three) weeks to make an appointment?” If they decline, don’t worry about it. If they like the idea, be sure you follow through. Add it to your official “to-do” list on your calendar or computer.

Now, pretty please, let’s hear from you. What do you do to encourage clients to come back?