8 Different Reasons to Say Thank You: Marketing Massage While Enriching Your Soul

[Image courtesy of GraphicStock.com]

[Image courtesy of GraphicStock.com]

In this day and age you are probably the only person outside your clients’ families who touches them. I’m sure you know how much this can mean to a person. While you cannot physically lay your hands on (or near) your clients at all times, you can continue to touch their minds and hearts.

You can thank them.

A while ago, I had a question about how to write a thank you note to a new client. When you market your massage practice, this is something you should do. But, are there other reasons to remind your clients you appreciate them? You bet.

1. Thank Them for Feedback

Many people have trouble telling you that you’re doing something wrong. I have sat through mediocre-to-uncomfortable sessions and then smiled, thanked, and paid the bodyworker. I have rarely expressed my dissatisfaction; I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I just don’t go back. So thank people for their strength and honesty and care for your success. It’s also a good way to show there are no hard feelings.

2. Thank Them for a Lesson They Taught You

Everyday, we learn something new. Whatever form our teachers take, we should thank them personally if we can.

3. Thank Them for Caring about Health

It takes effort to take care of oneself. Sometimes it’s a huge effort — financial, physical, or mental. If a client has chosen to make you part of their effort, you should thank them.

4. Thank Them for Booking Regularly

There are clients you can always count on when you’re figuring out your schedule or your budget. There are clients whose commitment to you has helped you make rent and put food on the table when you’ve had a slow month.

5. Thank Them for Trying a New Modality

New modalities keep you and your practice fresh. For some reason, clients aren’t always as gung-ho about new stuff as you are. When a client tries something new, thank them for their willingness, trust, and adventurous spirit.

6. Thank Them for Buying a Gift Certificate for a Friend

Huge, huge, huge. When a client buys a gift certificate from you that means they trust your professionalism and your talent. They want to share your gifts with someone who is important to them. Wow! What a boost to the ego! And what a potential gift of a new client! Thanks!

7. Also, Thank Colleagues for Referrals

It’s great when a client speaks highly of you. It’s a strong validation when a colleague refers someone to you.

8. Simply say, “I appreciate you!”

You appreciate that they:

  • hand out your business cards.
  • bring a positive attitude to your day.
  • consider you in their actions.
  • forward your newsletter on to friends.
  • take initiative (actually do their stretches between sessions, etc.).

Making the effort to thank clients is the sort of thing our business is all about. Everyone wants to be important. Everyone wants to feel like they’re making a contribution. Everyone wants to be thanked. So do it. See how a small effort affects your business, and your mind and heart.

[Originally published on the Natural Touch Marketing blog by Eileen.]