8 TED Talks that will Inspire you to be a Better Massage Therapist

What inspires you to be a better human being, a better mom, a better dad, a better neighbor, a better…massage therapist?

ted_logoWe gathered a few inspirational, entertaining, fascinating TED talks on wellness, work, happiness, and nutrition. Watch these and refer back to them when you need a motivation boost in your day.

1. Carl Honore: In praise of slowness

Massage therapists may lead busy lives, but when we’re in the treatment room … time slows down.

Journalist Carl Honore believes the Western world’s emphasis on speed erodes health, productivity and quality of life. But there’s a backlash brewing, as everyday people start putting the brakes on their all-too-modern lives.

Journalist Carl Honore is best known for his advocacy of the Slow Movement. His book In Praise of Slowness dissects our speed-obsessed society and celebrates those who have gotten in touch with their “inner tortoise.”

2. Benjamin Wallace: The price of happiness

This one is a slow burner.. but prepare to start chuckling and feeling pretty good about not being able to afford luxury items!

Can happiness be bought? To find out, author Benjamin Wallace sampled the world’s most expensive products, including a bottle of 1947 Chateau Cheval Blanc, 8 ounces of Kobe beef and the fabled (notorious) Kopi Luwak coffee. His critique may surprise you.

3. Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are 

Need to feel more powerful and confident, and less stressed, in any given situtation?

Here’s a free, no-tech life hack. All it requires is that you change your posture for 2 minutes. Ask yourself right now, what are you doing with your body? Are you holding your arms? Are you hunched over? Watch this video and with a little tweak, you can become a less stressed, more powerful person. Doing this 2 minute pose was shown to:

  • Increase risk tolerance by 20%

  • Testosterone increases 20% (this is a good thing for your confidence)

  • Cortisol (the hormone that impacts stress) decreases 25%

4. Ron Finley: A guerilla gardener in South Central LA

Get a new perspective on nutrition, working for the greater good, growing your own food and what it means to people, close to home, who only have access to fast food.

Ron Finley plants vegetable gardens in South Central LA — in abandoned lots, traffic medians, along the curbs. Why? For fun, for defiance, for beauty and to offer some alternative to fast food in a community where “the drive-thrus are killing more people than the drive-bys.”

5. Dan Ariely: What makes us feel good about our work? 

What motivates you to work as a massage therapist, day in and day out?

Contrary to conventional wisdom, it isn’t just money (ha, I hear you laughing!). But it’s not exactly joy either. It seems that most of us thrive by making constant progress and feeling a sense of purpose. Behavioral economist Dan Ariely presents two eye-opening experiments that reveal our unexpected and nuanced attitudes toward meaning in our work.

6. Amanda Palmer: The art of asking

This has to be one of my favorite TED Talks–its about connection, sharing, community, and how to ask for things. Don’t make people pay for music, says Amanda Palmer: Let them. In a passionate talk that begins in her days as a street performer (drop a dollar in the hat for the Eight-Foot Bride!), she examines the new relationship between artist and fan.

Alt-rock icon Amanda Palmer believes we shouldn’t fight the fact that digital content is freely shareable — and suggests that artists can and should be directly supported by fans.

7. Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

Simon Sinek has a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership all starting with a golden circle and the question “Why?” His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers … (Filmed atTEDxPugetSound.)

In 2009, Simon Sinek released the book “Start With Why” — a synopsis of the theory he has begun using to teach others how to become effective leaders and inspire change.

8. Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability

Brené Brown studies human connection — our ability to empathize, belong, love. In a poignant, funny talk, she shares a deep insight from her research, one that sent her on a personal quest to know herself as well as to understand humanity. A talk to share. (Filmed atTEDxHouston.)

Brené Brown studies vulnerability, courage, authenticity, and shame.


Comments from original Massamio post:

This is pretty good set of data. But it should be opened to all Business groups. I found myself pulling valuable information and lessons from all of these clips. My business is as a Procurement Manager working as a Government Subcontractor. This needs to be shown to companies, groups, organizations, managers, senior managers and teens. How can you do this? How do you let people know about your process, these videos? — Posted @ Tuesday, August 27, 2013 12:37 PM by John McKim

Hi John. We couldn’t agree more! These talks are awesome and certainly great for many people as you say. To be clear, we had nothing to do with creating them. All the videos can be found on TED Talks’ website. Because Massamio works for independent massage therapists, we compiled a list of the Talks we thought most related to therapists. The themes of the talks relate to health, growth, and balanced living, which is also a common element in massage therapy. Thank you for sharing about your background. We would love for you to share the blog with your network. To your health! — Posted @ Tuesday, August 27, 2013 1:44 PM by Benjamin McDonald

I’ve seen and loved the Guerrilla Gardener and look forward to checking out some of the others. Thanks for sharing! — Posted @ Tuesday, September 03, 2013 6:28 PM by Kris