We are authors, publishers, educators, and practitioners dedicated to serving other wellness practitioners in developing profitable, enjoyable careers.

We support people in doing what they love and earning a decent living doing it.

We encourage practitioners to live their lives and run their practices from their values.

We help make managing and marketing businesses a pleasure.

We accomplish our goals by providing products, services, and resources to students and educators in training programs, to continuing education providers, and directly to practitioners.

Sohnen-Moe Associates was started by Cherie Sohnen-Moe, the author of our flagship product Business Mastery. She really did write the book on practice-building success, and we continue to develop and provide products, services, and resources that support her original vision. Cherie is the Chief Executive Officer, and we refer to her as The Business Goddess. She oversees maintaining the mission of the company. She is active in our marketing, writes articles and books, and maintains a coaching practice.

Our Chief Operations Officer is Deanna Sylvester. Deanna is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Sohnen-Moe Associates and the creation of educator resources and practice-building tools for practitioners. Deanna graduated from the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts (DIHA) in 2003 as a massage therapist and shiatsu practitioner. Later she taught in the training programs at DIHA, helped to manage the transition from DIHA to Cortiva Institute, eventually working her way from Education Director to Campus President in 2010. Since then, Deanna has held several leadership roles in other massage therapy schools in the state of Arizona. She likes to call herself the Chief Success Muse at Sohnen-Moe Associates because her intention is to inspire success in every educator and practitioner she meets.

Why Deanna joined SMA:

I spent more than 15 years studying, practicing, and teaching bodywork. I have been Education Director, Campus President, and a Regional Director for several very successful massage therapy programs in the state of Arizona, which allowed me the privilege of watching hundreds of newly-licensed massage therapists start their promising careers.

And I saw many of them fail.

Not because they were poor therapists, not at all—they were terrific! But, because we weren’t preparing them properly for the business of wellness care. It became clear to me that it is nearly impossible, really, to totally prepare someone for the business side of things while they are immersed in their initial hands-on training programs. We can set them on the right path with business courses and the Business Mastery textbook, but it’s that crucial time after graduation that needs so much attention. So, I decided to join the Sohnen-Moe Associates team to help provide the additional business tools, resources, and information that independently-minded practitioners need.

Jim Moe is our Chief Technology Officer, although we refer to him as our technology wizard. His technology genius makes everything we do possible. He developed our original database (that went through three evolutions since the eighties). Our current cloud platform was chosen because it contains many of the same features as his original creation, plus added features that now Deanna gets to do. He designs our websites, assists in editing and book design, and helps with pretty much everything short of writing content.

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