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Besides having written the excellent textbooks that form a basis for curricula in many schools, Cherie Sohnen-Moe has written articles for quite a number of professional magazines and journals. Below is the Table of Contents for the articles made freely available for you.

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MASSAGE Magazine2022-09Get Started Now On Your Holiday Promotions
MASSAGE Magazine2020-01From Zero Biz Books to a $15 Billion Industry: The Evolution of Massage Business
MASSAGE Magazine2019-06The Power and Presence of Being a Female Massage Practitioner
MASSAGE Magazine2019-01Can You Really Create Product Displays in a Massage Session Room?
MASSAGE Magazine2018-09How to Ace Your Massage Interview
MASSAGE Magazine2018-09Many Companies Hire Massage Therapists
Massage Message Magazine2017-11Retail: The Easy Bake Method
MASSAGE Magazine2017-09Launch your Practice with Ease
MASSAGE Magazine2017-07How can I become more confident using social media?
MASSAGE Magazine2017-01eBook: The Blueprint for Successful Massage Careers (74 pgs)
MASSAGE Magazine2016-11Fill your Appointment Book
MASSAGE Magazine2016-10Holiday Retail Success
MASSAGE Magazine2016-0815 Elements of Client Retention
MASSAGE Magazine2015-07Massage Therapist vs. Myth
MASSAGE Magazine2015-04How can I connect with local massage colleagues, to benefit all our businesses?
Massage Today2014-09The Employee/Employer Connection
MASSAGE Magazine2014-07Hit Your Target: Streamline Marketing to Grow Clientele
Massage Today2014-06Spa Controversy
Massage Today2013-11An Ounce of Prevention Can Save You a Lot of Heartache
MASSAGE Magazine2012-11Education vs Sales: The Ethics of Retailing
Massage Message Magazine2012-03Maximize Marketing
MASSAGE Magazine2012-02Sales Tax and Retail Licenses
Massage Today2012-01Desexualizing the Touch Experience - Part 2
MASSAGE Magazine2011-08Selling Products is Smart Business
futureLMT.com2011-08How to Choose an Online Education Product
MASSAGE Magazine2011-07Extend Clients’ Bliss Between Sessions
MASSAGE Magazine2011-05Present Yourself Powerfully
Massage Today2011-03Desexualizing the Touch Experience - Part 1
Massage Message Magazine2011-03Building Lasting Client Relationships
Massage Today2010-09When a Client Crosses the Line
MASSAGE Magazine2010-07Check Your Compass: Strategies to Put Your Practice on a Successful Path
MASSAGE Magazine2009-05Profit with Products
MASSAGE Magazine2007-06When is it OK to Date Clients? When is it Not?
MASSAGE Magazine2006-06A Practice That's Built to Last
Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals2004-06Spa Savvy: Concerns and Employment Considerations
Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals2004-01Living the Law: An Update on HIPAA
Massage Therapy Journal2002-12Supervision
Massage Therapy Journal2002-09-2Massage Therapy Employment Agreement
Massage Therapy Journal2002-09-1The Employment Quandary
Massage Therapy Journal2002-06Mentoring Models
Massage Therapy Journal2002-03-3Values Clarification Exercise
Massage Therapy Journal2002-03-2Remodeling 101
Massage Therapy Journal2002-03-1How To Set Up a Great Home Office
Massage Therapy Journal2002-01-2Copyright
Massage Therapy Journal2002-01-1Visual Appeal
Massage Therapy Journal2001-12-2Web Site Welcome Mats
Massage Therapy Journal2001-12-1Web Sites That Really Work
Massage Therapy Journal2001-09Tax Makeover
Massage Today2001-07What to Do When Your CE Is Not What You Expected
Massage Therapy Journal2001-06Client Education
Massage Today2001-05Lifelong Learning
Massage Today2001-03Evaluating Continuing Education Providers
Massage Therapy Journal2001-03Make Your Dreams Come True
Massage Today2001-01Learning Environments
Massage Therapy Journal2000-MilleniumA Peek at the Future Evolution of Practices
Massage Therapy Journal2000-12The Anatomy of a Contract
Massage Therapy Journal2000-09Marketing Magic
Massage Therapy Journal2000-06Get Your Audience Involved
Massage Therapy Journal2000-03Clean Up Your Office
Massage Therapy Journal1999-12Question & Answer Column
Massage Therapy Journal1999-09The Successful Home Office
Massage Therapy Journal1999-06Gift Certificates Bring in New Clients
Massage Therapy Journal1999-03When to Reassess Your Practice
Massage Therapy Journal1998-12Practice Management Part II: Clinics
Massage Therapy Journal1998-0920-Minute Target Market Profile
Massage Therapy Journal1998-06Legal Structure
Massage Therapy Journal1998-03Practice Management Part III: Spas and Salons
MASSAGE Magazine1998-01Running a Conscious Business
Massage Therapy Journal1997-12Recapturing Lost Clientele
MASSAGE Magazine1997-11 Show and Tell
Massage Therapy Journal1997-09Practice Management Part I
MASSAGE Magazine1997-07 Beyond Customer Service
MASSAGE Magazine1997-05Building Professional Alliances
Massage Therapy Journal1997-0510 Techniques for Failure
MASSAGE Magazine1997-03Client Interaction Policies
MASSAGE Magazine1997-01 Strategic Planning: Manifesting Your Vision
Massage Therapy Journal1996-12Zoning: Your Rights and Responsibilities
MASSAGE Magazine1996-11Plugging Into the Media
MASSAGE Magazine1996-09Maximizing Public Relations
Massage Therapy Journal1996-09The Ultimate Client Interview
MASSAGE Magazine1996-07 Companies That Market For You
Massage Therapy Journal1996-06Work Smarter with Barter
Massage Therapy Journal1996-03Keep in Touch with Newsletters
Massage Therapy Journal1995-12The Art of Buying A Practice
MASSAGE Magazine1995-11 The Evolution of Business
Massage Therapy Journal1995-09Telephones: The Client Connection
Massage Therapy Journal1995-06Developing a Profession-Wide PR Campaign
Massage Therapy Journal1995-03Virtual Reality Massage
Blue Poppy1995-03 Patient Retention
Positive Health1995-02Are You Open for Business?
MASSAGE Magazine1995-01 Are You Open for Business?
Massage Therapy Journal1994-12 Choosing and Designing Your Office Space
Massage Therapy Journal1994-09The Art of Selling A Practice
MASSAGE Magazine1994-07 Successful Marketing Techniques
Massage Therapy Journal1994-06Value-Added Service
MASSAGE Magazine1994-05The Anatomy of A Contract, Part II
MASSAGE Magazine1994-05 The Anatomy of A Contract
MASSAGE Magazine1994-03Achieving Balance
Massage Therapy Journal1994-03 Success Stories
Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals1994-03Choosing Between A Sole Practice & Associates
MASSAGE Magazine1994-01Business Ethics
Massage Therapy Journal1993-12Developing and Marketing Seminars and Workshops
MASSAGE Magazine1993-11 Designing the Ideal Session Room
MASSAGE Magazine1993-09Creating Newsletters for Your Business
Massage Therapy Journal1993-09Insurance Trends & Impact on the Massage Industry
Massage Therapy Journal1993-06Connecting With the Right Clients
MASSAGE Magazine1993-05 Increase Client Bookings and Referrals
MASSAGE Magazine1993-03Massage Parties
Massage Therapy Journal1993-03Presentations
Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals1993-03Fostering Goodwill
MASSAGE Magazine1993-01Telephones: The Key to Client Connections
Massage Therapy Journal1992-12Client Retention
Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals1992-12Self-Assessment and Goal Setting
MASSAGE Magazine1992-11 Cooperative Marketing
MASSAGE Magazine1992-09How to Streamline Marketing Efforts
Massage Therapy Journal1992-09Diversification Through Public Speaking
Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals1992-09Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket
MASSAGE Magazine1992-07Defining Your Differential Advantage
Massage Therapy Journal1992-06Recession-Proof Your Practice
Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals1992-06Self Management
New Age Retailer1992-05Targeted Marketing Can Work For You
Massage Therapy Journal1992-03Setting Your Fees
Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals1992-03Bookkeeping
Massage Therapy Journal1991-12Express Your Goals Creatively
Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals1991-12Want More Money? Access Your Value
Massage Therapy Journal1991-09Choosing a Graphic Artist
The Australian Massage Journal1991-09Your Balancing Act
Massage Therapy Journal1991-06Tracking for Success
Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals1991-06Setting Your Fees
The Australian Massage Journal1991-05Choosing An Office Mate
Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals1991-04Taking Care of Business
Massage Therapy Journal1991-03Make a Great First Impression with a Dynamic Introduction
Within Reach1991-02Client Files
New Age Retailer1991-01Realize Your Goals
The Australian Massage Journal1991-01Networking
IMF Forum1991-01Choosing Between A Sole Practice & Associates
Massage Therapy Journal1990-12Choosing an Officemate
BXI1990-12Goals With A Purpose
IMF Forum1990-11How To Prepare For Business Success While Still A Student
Massage Therapy Journal1990-09Goodwill
IMF Forum1990-09Independent Contractor or Employee?
Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals1990-07Public Relations...Free Publicity
Massage Therapy Journal1990-06Public Relations and Free Publicity
New Age Retailer1990-05Tracking
Massage Therapy Journal1990-03Deductions Credit Cards Relocating
Compendium1990-01If I Could Be Anywhere Doing Anything...
Compendium1989-10Your Balancing Act
Massage Therapy Journal1989-09We Promote From Within
Compendium1989-09The Art of Risk-Taking
The Lifeline1989-09When Does Your Hobby Become a Business?
Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals1989-06Network Your Path to Success
Compendium1989-01Express Your Goals Creatively
Compendium1988-11Make Your Initial Contacts Count!
Compendium1988-07Handling Negative "Group Think"
Compendium1988-06Coping With Company Mergers
Compendium1988-05Business Travel and The Unwanted Advance
Compendium1988-02Emotions At Work
Compendium1988-01Work Issues and Options
Compendium1987-12Does Your Job Meet Your Needs?
Compendium1987-11Want More Money? Access Your Value
Compendium1987-10Making Goal-Setting Work For You
Reflexology Digest1994Ongoing Business Advice Column