Create better customer service without selling your soul…

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Customer service is the end-all, be-all of any business. Customer service is made up of several standard components: accessibility, product, and customer satisfaction. But your wellness business isn’t like most businesses. How do the customer service standards apply to you and your practice? Today I’m talking about accessibility.

Be accessible, even if there’s no immediate profit in it.

By “accessible”, I mean your knowledge and your Presence is available to your clients — both current and potential. For an outsider, the wellness community seems to be all about contact. You are part of a group of healers that is guaranteed to be Present before, during, and after an appointment. Anyone coming to see you counts on you listening and responding to their current issue. Right?

Being accessible is an advantage.

What if you opened that experience up? What if you moved past the  walls of your studio and office? What if you took that care and compassion directly to them? That’s customer service. That’s gooood customer service. Your service doesn’t start when someone walks in for an appointment. Your service starts when they hear about you from a friend. Or see your business card. Or are given a gift certificate for your work. Or when they meet you around town. Keep the concept of accessibility in mind as you write text for your business cards, or assemble a gift certificate packet for a new customer, or greet … anyone. When you are accessible, you invite people to come to you. You invite them to trust you. When you remain accessible, you are a resource and a comfort. And people gravitate to you.

Being accessible doesn’t mean “constantly available”.

Accessibility means that you answer your messages quickly. It means that you have good, shareable information on your site. It means regular contact with clients. It means giving your clients tips and strategies that relate to their issues. It means you provide solutions. It means you are a source of knowledge and care. Because you are.