Advantages of Online Scheduling for Your Massage Therapy Practice

A lot of massage therapists are seeing the value of online scheduling. But is it right for you and what is the best online scheduling tool for massage therapists? Naomi from Massamio walks us through the benefits. The transcript is included below for your convenience.

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Naomi Oliviae: Hi, there. I’m Naomi Oliviae, vice president of technology at Massamio, and I’m here today to talk about online scheduling. A lot of people are new to online scheduling. They don’t really know how to search their customers. I’m just going to go over a few points today.

First thing, optionality. People like to have their choices. They like to make decisions spontaneously. They like to do things when they’re ready. An online schedule really works for clients in that way. You don’t have to worry at the end of the massage if the client doesn’t want to book then and there. Just direct them to your online schedule. When they’re ready, they can do it.

Second point, marketing. The great thing about an online schedule is that it allows you to market it friendly, non-pushy in very effective ways. Just a simple post on Facebook or an email with a link to your online schedule gets clients to book.

Third thing, word of mouth. As a client, I like to rave about my massage therapist, but when I show them my business card, it really doesn’t do it justice. If I just pull up my therapist’s website, show my friends the pictures, the treatment space and online schedule, I can try and get my friends booked right then and there.

And the last thing, the key to effective online scheduling. You want to keep that thing accurate. And the reason why that’s so important is because part of the biggest hassle of booking massages is trying to figure out an availability that works. You go through three or four time suggestions and none of them really accommodate the schedule. If I’m a client looking for an effective way to book a massage, pull up that real-time schedule, see what works for me, no hassle, got my massage.

That wraps this up. Thanks for joining and I’ll see you.