Another Business Myth: You Have to Sell Yourself

No, you do not have to be a salesperson.

“Okay,” you say. “If it ain’t selling, what is it?” Especially in the wellness professions, the key to building a practice is being yourself.

Five Ways to Grow by Being You

  1. Do the best work you can do. By you, we mean you, not your favorite instructor, the sports massage therapist down the block, or Ida Rolf. You know you’re doing it when a client leaves with that relaxed and satisfied face at the end of the session or tells you as much.
  2. Tell people about your work. You feel good about the results your clients experience, right? It isn’t selling it’s telling. “This is what I do. This is who I help. I help people with this, this, and this.”
  3. Offer quality customer service. Well, let’s call it client service. You know how you like to be treated when you’re shopping, eating out, or getting healthcare services. You like your questions answered. You like salespeople, waiters, and physicians to be interested in what you like or don’t like — and to be responsive to what you say. You like to be treated with courtesy and respect. If you give your clients those basic things, it says a lot.
  4. Present yourself with professionalism. You dress professionally. No matter what kind of office you practice in, you make sure your surroundings are clean and inviting. Your business card, brochure, and website have your contact information front and center, and give people a reason to come see you (see #2).
  5. Respond to your clients’ needs in a caring, consistent manner. You check back between sessions with clients struggling to recover from an injury. You give clients an update form periodically for noting changes in health and/or contact information. You know which clients refer — and you keep them supplied with business cards (and send them thank-you notes.) You know who buys gift certificates, and make sure you are stocked up for the next holiday.

No, it’s not selling. It’s caring and communicating in your own, unique way.