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Extend Clients’ Bliss Between Sessions

Clients get massage for many reasons, ranging from stress reduction to injury rehabilitation to pure pampering. Regardless of the reasons clients step in your treatment room, it’s nice when they leave with that “AAAAHHH” feeling.

You can extend that feeling of bliss by sending your clients home with spa products. Spas understand this, and garner a large percentage of income from product sales. Because you will be educating clients on self-care rather than ding hard sales, you can sell retail products as part of your massage practice just like spas in your area do.

You can sell such products as eye pillows, hot/cold packs, essential oils, scrubs, body butters, foot balms, topical analgesics, bath salts, candles, music, self-massage tools, robes, slippers, and even bedding.

Ideally, you would use some of these items in your sessions so your clients associate those items with their experience of your massage.

Sounds and scents are strong triggers for memories. So, let’s say that in your session you played a certain CD, placed an eye pillow on your client’s eyes, infused your massage lubricant with an essential oil, and used a special foot balm while massaging the client’s feet. Those are all items clients can purchase for home use-and every time they hear, smell or feel those items, they most likely will be transported back to the last time they experienced them, which would be while in a state of relaxation on your table.

While using retail products is certainly not the same as getting a massage from you, products help extend the benefits of your work between sessions.

Just imagine how lovely it would be for your clients to create a mini-oasis of tranquility in their homes. You could sell products individually, as well as in bundled packages. Offer a variety of packages that range in price, so your clients can feel pampered while staying in their financial comfort zone.

Consider putting together a basic kit that costs approximately $25, a pampering kit in the $50 range and a deluxe kit that costs $100 or more. Package the products attractively. You can use baskets or pretty bags. Sometimes simply attaching a ribbon will make a purchase seem special.

Selling products to your clients extends the benefits of your massage treatments, supports clients in their well-being, helps clients feel pampered-and who doesn’t need that from time to time?- and helps build your practice.

Remember, every time clients use those products, they are reminded of you.