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Some strategies to enhance your site's appeal, and attract more visitors to it

What good is a Web site if nobody visits it? The number of massage sites is staggering. A recent search [in 2001] found 3,270 documents under "Massage Therapy," 4,000 documents under "Massage," and 1,458 under "Massage Therapist." You need to make your site stand out.

Getting people to your site is only the first step. You need to inspire them to linger. It does you relatively little good to have overflowing traffic at your site if it's boring or difficult to navigate. Your home page is the best page for building rapport and establishing credibility. Encourage visitors to spend time at your site, and return regularly by designing attractive pages that have appealing, readable (12 point or larger) typeface; incorporate simple graphic elements with ample white space; load quickly (you may need to forgo those cute, but often annoying animated icons); has a clear table of contents on the home page; and provides easy access to other pages without needing to first return to the home page.

Make Your Site Inviting

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