Beyond Organization: Protect Yourself and Look Like a Class Act

Our downloadable Client Intake and Recordkeeping Forms are out and ready for purchase. Why so excited about client recordkeeping? For one thing, we’ve been getting a great response from customers, and we always love that.

Here are 4 more reasons why we feel the need to crow.

  1. If you accept insurance, this packet has what you need. But even if you don’t take any third party payments, having the forms helps keep your options open. Many of the practitioners add consistency to their income by accept insurance. Maybe you’ll consider it in the future. With this packet, you will have what you need when you do.
  2. The entire collection gives you lots of choices. It will keep client intake and progress information organized according to your preferences.
  3. Even if you have your own tiny business, and never ever receive referrals from other professionals, keeping regular, professional records of every client is good insurance — just in case. Having organized information, signed and dated, is proof of your ethical and effective practice.
  4. Keeping good records is an essential client retention tool. The Report of Findings and Progress Report that are included in this packet allow you to demonstrate on paper what you hopefully demonstrate in each session with your client—the effectiveness of your treatment.

And here’s one last point. For new clients, one of your first points of contact is when they fill out their intake forms. These look professional, folks. They are nicely, quite nicely, laid out. And the questions aren’t just random, Natural Touch Marketing researched everything they could find that respected practitioners are using. They asked a lot of questions, and we (Sohnen-Moe Associates) added a few things too. Now we’re hoping you like them as much as we do. We would love to hear what YOU think!