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Why We Dumped 30,000 Contacts from Our List

So, we recently dumped 30,000 contacts from our database. Yikes. It was a hard decision because none of them complained, or marked as spam, or opted out—they would have already been removed for any of those things. Yet, these folks never opened our emails and hadn’t...

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Specialized Brochures Turn On the Light

Have you checked out our specialized brochures? Take our Fibromyalgia and Massage brochure. It simply, but specifically, explains how massage relieves pain and stress, and improves sleep and breathing — which further reduces pain and discomfort. Are people aware of...

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A New-Year Planning Activity

Sometimes, planning means eliminating old thoughts, behaviors, and activities, to make room for better ideas or—dare I say it—to make room for rest and balance in your life! And sometimes, you do have to try something new.

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