Bringing the Seasons into Your Practice

Here’s a video tip from Cherie with some timely ideas for bringing the sights, sounds, and scents of the holidays into your practice.


Hi, this is Cherie and I’m bringing you our November practice-building tip. This is one of my favorite times of year. The weather is getting colder and crisper it smells different outside. So, I want to talk about how we can bring that ambiance of the seasons into your practice.

There are fun things you can do. You can decorate your office with things like this cornucopia here. Which really brings in the whole aspect of abundance and prosperity and the changing of the seasons. So, you can do something like this, very inexpensive ways to decorate your office.

You can also bring in smells. You have to be cautious because some people are very sensitive to scents, but how about brewing some tea, some tea that may have cinnamon in it. They have these blends, special blends just for the wintertime and just for the holidays. And nothing is more comforting than you pouring your client a cup of tea, whether it’s when they’re waiting in the waiting room before their session, or afterward before they transition back out into the traffic. You can give them a cup of tea so they can sip it.

And along those lines, there’re other things you can do in your office. Some people I know have fireplaces in their office, pretty rare, but you can get one of those little small fireplaces that are electric that look like fireplaces but they’re not. Or you could possibly, you know, put a computer screen or you’re TV so you can run one of those DVDs that have the sights and the sounds. You don’t have the smells of a fireplace, but that’s actually probably a good thing.

So those are some things to start incorporating because this whole season really is about shifting. It’s also about the acknowledgment of all the people that are important in your life, and so I suggest you go out of your way to show your clients how they’re important to you. And in subtle ways, making them feel warm, making them feel welcome, and making them feel cared for.