Build Your Business and Support Your Community

Your success as a practitioner has everything to do with making a place for yourself in your community. A “buy local” marketing strategy is a great way to build business and good will at the same time.

Why support a “buy local” campaign?

There are many good reasons to promote a buy local campaign when you market your business. One statistic says that three times as much money stays in your town or city when you choose a locally owned business instead of a chain. When someone buys a gift certificate from you instead of a gift from Macy’s or Pier 1, for example, the dollars are much more likely to stay in local banks, be used to shop at neighborhood stores, or be donated it to local non-profits.

Success can be measured by deepening relationships.

Here’s what Judy Wicks, the owner of the well-known White Dog Café of Philadelphia said about what she calls “local living economies.”

Addressing the deeper needs of their communities, local business owners can provide more fulfilling jobs, healthier communities and greater economic security in their bioregions. Success can mean more than growing larger or increasing market-share, it can be measured by increasing happiness and well being, deepening relationships, and expanding creativity, knowledge, and consciousness.

“It can be measured by increasing happiness and wellbeing [and] deepening relationships…”? Does that define the success of a wellness practice, or what?

Three ways to present your message.

  • For the holidays, promote the idea that a locally-bought gift is also a gift to your community, town, or neighborhood.
  • A simple “buy local” theme also works well between gift-giving holidays. Send out a mailing or emailing saying, “Support the local economy and your good health at the same time! Get a massage for you or your loved one.”
  • Combine your marketing efforts with one or more other practitioners. Small businesses in some communities are getting together for larger “buy local” campaigns in their downtowns and neighborhoods. They are making posters to put in storefronts and selling coupon books for discounts at participating businesses.

Whether on your own or as a wider community effort, take advantage of an idea that keeps gaining steam — buy local!