Building a Massage Therapy Practice from Scratch: Part 3

Charlyne Carrier is a new independent massage therapist practicing in Montreal, Quebec. She wrote her business plan using our Business Plan Toolkit as a guide. Over the next months, Charlyne will be sharing the journey of building her business in this series. Please chime in and tell your stories, tips, and tidbits in the comments section.


Spring is almost here and it brings new projects! My monthly update on this blog series includes some  of the ways I’ve gained new exposure, a targeted clientele that I am developing, and an update on the harrowing experience of filing my first taxes! Additionally, I managed to take better care of myself in March. I had two massage sessions just for me! I can feel the difference and I intend to continue.


Gaining Visibility

photo (1)I had two main opportunities recently to gain exposure to new clients.

  1. A colleague at the clinic could not work on certain days in February and March and she asked me if I would agree to take clients. This opportunity gave me more visibility with the clientele.
  2. I was invited to do a stretching session for the Health and Safety committee of the company I work for part-time. It is the third time I have participated in such a session and I like doing that.

I include participation activities and I give them some tricks to make adjustments once they go back to their desk in order to have a more ergonomic environment. I believe this is much appreciated because all comments are very positive. This was not part of my business plan at first. I had no adjustments to do this time in the documentation I gave because I already had everything on hand, but since I would like to do more sessions like this in the future, I will have to find other stretching exercises.

Targeted Clientele

Following the training in fasciatherapy I took in February, I decided to start a project in order to help women who, like me, suffer from endometriosis. I also treat other pelvic pain issues.

Looking back, I realize how beneficial it would have been to get some massages during periods of severe pain. The fasciatherapy technique helps by freeing the adhesions little by little and the Swedish massage allows me to give a moment of relaxation and a breather from all the stress caused by the pain.

I began to slowly advertise my project on Facebook and Google+. I am currently working on the documentation for my private practice as well as what I wish to give to my customers. I intend to visit medical practices, private hospitals, universities, associations, and more.

I already treat some women battling with endometriosis or other issues causing intense pelvic pains. I see the difference in them after every session. They feel more relaxed and some may cry in relief.

They also tell me the effects continue after the treatments so this makes me believe it’s worth continuing and promoting even more.


2013 was my first complete year to declare income as an entrepreneur.

I always did my own taxes in the past so I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult since the software I’ve been using for years is so user friendly. I would have to follow the specific instructions for entrepreneur….. ohhh, what was I thinking?!

It is just too much paper work and details on what I can declare or not. I am unsure if I’ve completed the documents correctly or that I have detailed my expenses for the year in the right way.

So next year, I’m hiring an accountant!

I started using Quickbooks in November. It’s a great product and I can see the progress of my business with all the reports it can create for me.

How do you manage your taxes? Do you do them yourself or do you have an accountant? I would love to know your process. Please share in the comments below!


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