Chair Massage: Patience and Persistence Pay Off

Lots of practitioners jump gung-ho into worksite massage, and boy, do people need it. At the same time, a question heard frequently around the web (and here at Sohnen-Moe Associates, too) is, “How the heck do I get my foot in the door?” Both employers and workers have to see a clear benefit for spending the money for massage. Establishing a clientele may call for time and diligence. Below are several tried and true approaches. Whatever you decide to do, commit to sticking with it for at least 6 months and probably longer.

Approach People You Know

Often the best referrals come from established contacts. Talk with members of your professional association for leads. Make a list of people you know in the business, government, or recreation worlds, and in your personal community. Ask established clients if they know of any contacts who would be interested in hearing from you. The experience of other successful practitioners suggests that calling businesses, agencies, or institutions out of the blue may not be very fruitful. Make use of the names of the people you know so that you have a mutual acquaintance to mention when you contact new leads.

Contact Local Groups

Contact your local chamber of commerce, other business support groups, government employee associations, or social clubs in your area. They may be looking for presenters, but they are also great just to meet people and hand out your business card and brochure. Consider joining networking groups, such as “leads” or “mastermind” groups, who support one another in making contacts.

Attend Local Events

Attend local fundraisers, health fairs, and other occasions where you can meet business people and other professionals. At the events, ask for introductions from associates you know there, and hand out your business card to those you meet. Have your chair available in order to start conversations and give impromptu demonstrations, if appropriate.

For more tips on finding opportunities to present your chair massage practice, check out the Chair Massage Presentation Planning Kit.