Re-posted from 4 years ago during election week. My message is just as important today as it was then, maybe more so.


As we cast our votes for our local and national futures this week, let us remember that all things in this physical reality change. Some changes we can influence and some changes we cannot. Some changes are immediately beneficial, and some changes require much adaptation to a new way of thinking or a new way of being.

Whether a person views a particular change as good or bad, change itself is uncomfortable. Let’s be aware of this, as the individuals coming into our treatment rooms will have varied opinions of the election and varied reactions to the outcomes. Whether they are in line with our personal views or not, their opinions and reactions are valid (as long as they are not harmful to someone else, of course).

It is our place as professional, ethical practitioners, to help decrease their discomfort. This is not done by engaging in the news of the day, but by offering them a reprieve from it. Keep this in mind over the coming weeks, listen while you avoid engagement, and focus on why each individual client comes to see you. They may need your compassionate touch more than ever right now.

Remember, practitioners, that voting in elections is not the only way to effect change in your community or in our nation. You are effecting change every day, one treatment at a time. In one way or another, you are helping people to live more comfortably in their bodies, and sometimes that can lead people to be more thoughtful and collaborative members of society.

We have no idea how far reaching our touch may be… So, please be especially purposeful with your treatments in the coming weeks, be respectful of the various reactions people will inevitably have regarding the election outcomes, and by all means necessary, be kind.