Choose Gift Certificates that Match Your Clients

Yes, it’s time to think about… holiday gift certificates!

Here are some ideas for better ways to market those gift certificates by choosing materials that appeal to both new and prospective clients.

Choose styles your clients love

Choose gift certificate styles you think would appeal to the clients you enjoy the most, value the most, and who probably benefit most from what you do. Who are your best clients? What do they have in common?

Maybe they are professional men and women who work in the offices near yours. Maybe they are sports and fitness enthusiasts or have young children.

Are they mostly male or female?

Are most of them retired?

Are most of them religious or not?

Granted, you are not likely to have only one kind of client. But they will probably fit into a few general categories. When your best clients are in holiday gift-giving mode, think about what will amuse, delight, or capture what they love about your work. You may love a particular design, but will it catch the eye of your clients?

Appeal to the giftee

Choose styles to appeal both to your clients and those they are gifting. It may help your gift certificate sales to talk with your favorite clients about who the recipients may be and what might appeal to them. When someone receives a gift certificate, you want them to feel motivated to engage with you by making the effort to schedule.

Will you need to engage men?

Pregnant women and new moms?

Yoga students?


Do your clients and their families tend to be conservative?

Or do they talk the new-age lingo and respond positively to the mandala you have on the wall?

You may like hearts and kittens, but if many of your clients are career men and women, then promote your certificate sales with messages that speak to that mind-set. For example, mail them crisp, clean, promotional postcards that remind them you have the kind of gift certificates they would want to give to their colleague, boss, or assistant. Or if many of your clients are moms with young children, they may be most interested in gifting their partners with some down time to relieve aches and pains. So you want to choose mail and email promotionals as well as gift certificates that send a message that your services offer deep relaxation and pain relief.

By the way, get those postcards mailed and emails sent before Thanksgiving and give your clients time to add massage to their gift-giving lists! Then choose designs that will appeal to them — and help them feel great about passing on your services to friends and family.