Community Outreach Without Touching

Well, we are finally number one in something over here in Arizona. I just wish it wasn’t the deadly pandemic! Johns Hopkins University data is showing us as having the highest 7-day average of COVID-19 infections (per capita) in the world right now.


So, as stress and anxiety are skyrocketing, luckily, we massage practitioners are trained to help people with just such ailments. Right!? But alas, it is just too dangerous to get within 6 feet of anyone.

I have an idea (of course I do), though, for massage practitioners who are not practicing at the moment…

Teach Self-Massage on Zoom

  1. Sign up for a free Zoom account (actually, you could probably just do it via FaceTime, but Zoom seems more professional).
  2. Send an email message to all your massage clients to set virtual appointments with you.
  3. When they schedule, send them the link to your Zoom room.
  4. At their appointment time, teach them simple stress-reduction self-massage techniques for 20-minute sessions. For say, I don’t know, $30? Example:
    • A few neck and shoulder strokes
    • Head and face effleurage
    • A simple forearm and hand routine
  5. Or maybe they would like to schedule with a partner, and you could teach them simple techniques to try with each other?
  6. Afterward, send them follow-up encouragement email messages.

Who has tried this? How did it go? What can you recommend for your fellow practitioners to succeed with this type of appointment or community outreach?