Coronavirus Update


On March 11th we published a blog about steps to take to help mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus, and how to communicate your safety precautions to clients. Much has changed since then. Many businesses are being forced to close or change their method of operations. In Tucson, none of the restaurants are allowed to have people dine-in, so many have added delivery services and curbside pickup options. Many wellness practitioners are closing down in response to the Coronavirus. Some are stating that they will reopen on April 1st, while others are notifying their clients that they will be closed at least until the end of March, and then will re-evaluate.

Some practitioners are still attempting to serve their clients, but are limiting the number of clients they will see and are reducing their hours of operation. Nonetheless, the likelihood is high that at some point you will have to shut down – either from a government mandate, because you are an employee and your boss sends you home, or because you choose to self-quarantine. Keep in mind that self-quarantine is much more significant than social distancing. It’s safer to shut down now. 

We recommend that you use this forced time off to take care of yourself – perhaps implement that self-care routine that you’ve been thinking about. Also, it’s a good time to update your business plan (or if you are an employee, your overall career plan). Here are some ideas for constructive activities to do now that will help your business flourish once this crisis is over:

  • Take the time to review your client list to identify what characteristics, needs, and goals that they have in common. You might find that you have a couple of distinct target markets that you didn’t realize you had. Identify ways you can reach those target markets.
  • Consider what additional types of services, packages, and products can best serve your clients.
  • Draft promotional materials so you can launch those campaigns when appropriate.
  • Prepare content for future newsletters, email blasts, blogs, etc.
  • Update your website.
  • Take online CE courses and webinars. Here are a few sources:
  • Take free courses or webinars. Contact your professional association to see what they offer. Also, check out the following:
  • Work with a business coach.
  • Update your policy and procedure manual.
  • Engage in support meetings with your peers through an online platform (e.g., Google Hangout, Skype, Zoom).
  • Spruce up your office.
  • Rest! You deserve it!

You can take some steps right now to stay connected with clients and bring in revenue. Contact your clients to tell them about your plan. If you have already done this, then send an update. Include some tips on things they can do for self-care. [Here’s are two free self-care handouts you can customize and include with your message.] Encourage clients to help you get through this time by purchasing gift certificates or pre-paid packages. Also, if you sell products, offer to mail them to clients or have them delivered curbside to their car.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you through this time.