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The Ethics of Touch Modules

Chapter Three - Dual and Sequential Relationships

Dual and Sequential Relationships

by Sohnen-Moe Associates, Inc
$35, 3 ce hours, #E6003Z -- [Buy]

Dual and sequential relationships commonly consist of many layers, and encompass a number of professional and social components. Some dual relationships evolve easily and naturally, and initially seem relatively simple. Upon closer examination, their dynamics can be surprisingly complex with ramifications ranging from vital and stimulating to tragically harmful. The work of a helping professional often occurs within complex sets of relationships where boundaries and matters of authority take on shades of gray.

This module examines the fundamental concepts of dual and sequential relationships and how to address them within the context of the therapeutic relationship. It gives solid guidelines for the ethical practitioner to safeguard the therapeutic relationship.

The Dual and Sequential Relationships module includes reading chapter One and Three of The Ethics of Touch, 2nd ed and answering 20 test questions (e.g.: multiple choice, true/false).

It meets the NCBTMB 3-hour continuing education requirement for Ethics Standard V: Roles and Boundaries.

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