Eight Ways to Use Newsletters to Bring Clients in the Door

If you are not sending a newsletter to your clients, you are missing an exceptional way of bringing in both returning and new clients. If you do have a client newsletter, how can you leverage it to build business?

Here are eight strategies for you:

  1. Mail or email newsletters at least 4 times a year to your client list.
  2. Send newsletters as follow-ups to first appointments, or include them in welcome packets.
  3. Use newsletters as a way to promote a new modality or announce a special.
  4. Put newsletters at your front desk or in your waiting room for people to take with them.
  5. Ask if you can leave a stack of newsletters in other professional offices such as naturopaths, acupuncturists, and chiropractors. Other good places are health clubs, spas, and salons.
  6. Hand newsletters out at public presentations or when you are participating in an event or health fair. Encourage people who attend events to sign up for a free newsletter “subscription” to encourage a longer-term relationship.
  7. Send newsletters with press releases or articles when you are publicizing health and wellness events or other community activities.
  8. Post newsletters on your website.

Communicating with Clients

The most important of these may be giving newsletters to your established clients. Through regular contact, a good newsletter will help your clients deepen their appreciation of your work and expertise. For instance, newsletter articles expand into subjects like self-care, the specific conditions that your services can help, and research that underscores the benefits of your services. They offer an opportunity to remind clients that your services make a memorable gift and that you sell gift certificates. And photos of clients receiving treatments remind people what it feels like to relax.

Note that the key word here is “regular.” Send newsletters on a fixed schedule. Newsletters are a gentle and professional way to remind your clients — and potential clients — of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, including regular wellness care. You’ll probably find that a newsletter leads naturally to more frequent scheduling and more new client referrals. That’s good for you and even better for your clients!