We get asked a lot for examples of good elevator speeches. The following is a Natural Touch Marketing post from 2011 by Diana. I thought it would be fun to revisit the topic and generate some good examples here on our blog. Read and share…



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The defining point of elevator speeches is that they are short. I mean, how long do you have between floors? What elevator speeches are NOT is a fast, flat statement that you are a massage therapist, or a reflexologist, or a Reiki practitioner. Now a few people may be looking for a reflexologist and perk up at the mention. Most will nod politely and switch the subject to the weather.

What makes a good elevator speech?

You can certainly start (with enthusiasm and a smile) by saying that you do massage (or whatever). Even better would be a statement that you help, say, arthritis suffers with your technique, whatever it is. But it’s not an elevator speech unless you reinforce that by showing how you helped someone in particular overcome a challenge. Marketer Kevin Dervin is emphatic about this: state how you solved a problem. Here’s what he created for an event planner: “I help mid-sized accounting firms plan big conferences on a small budget. I just recently lined up free live entertainment for a firm that hosted 500 people in town last week.”   One great thing about elevator speeches is that they don’t cost you a dime. They only require that think about what you do best and how you help particular clients… a little time, a little creativity.

Want to practice?

Here’s a special invitation. Post your elevator speeches below. When someone else posts, offer a constructive suggestion. I’ll start. In another life, I was a massage therapist at our local hospital. In my elevator speech (useful in a hospital, huh?), I might say, “Hi, I’m Diana. I give massage to hospital staff. The nurses, techs, doctors, and administrative staff work hard, and they come in stressed and tight. I specialize in helping them relax, and often spend extra time on their neck and shoulders. I have one client who is an administrator for mental health services. She comes every two weeks, and says it prevents her headaches, which used to be constant.” Okay, it’s your turn. Please, share your speech. Tell me how can I improve my mine.


So, here’s my usual: “I’m Deanna. I help practitioners, teachers, and business owners develop the professional communication and business skills they need for successful careers. I especially like working with people to integrate their careers and lifestyles to create personally meaningful lives.” But I haven’t given a specific example, as suggested above. I’ll have to work on that part. What are your thoughts and ideas?