Enabling Humanity to Enjoy Massage Therapy

I believe that what the world needs is more massage. More than ever. Our lives have become more and more busy… stressful… detached… disconnected. The consequence of stress is grim:

Stress kills.

Want scientific evidence for this? Just do a Google Scholar search for “How stress affects health.” Tens of thousands of scientific research articles pop up. By limiting the search to articles from 2017 alone, there’s still more than 15,000 articles. The first article I found is about how childhood and adolescent stress affects health into adulthood. The results by Allison K Farell et al: “Early childhood and adolescent stress, and adolescent and concurrent stress, both showed a “dual-risk” pattern, such that experiencing higher stress at both of these life stages predicted the worst health outcomes.”

Stress kills.

Recently I watched an excellent National Geographic documentary called Stress: Portrait of a Killer which found that stress shrinks our brains, makes us fat, and unravels our chromosomes and ultimately can lead to death. Yikes!

Stress kills.

Massage is an important solution to this problem. It’s reconnecting, relaxing, invigorating, freeing… It’s really about taking care of ourselves, so we can function at our optimal capacity, so we can be our best selves. And by being our best selves we are in turn better partners, parents, and community members.

We believe in this. We believe in the healing power of massage. We believe in small businesses. We believe in local communities. We believe in humanity.

[updated in 2017 by Deanna Sylvester]