facebook marketing classroomFacebook is finally offering support to people who want to learn how to better navigate their platform and generate results. They are providing information to help you learn the key steps for building your business on Facebook with video courses, livestream events and worksheets. Their  webinar series focuses on educating people about the latest tips and product information, such as Offers and real-time Page Insights.

Frankly, I would rather hire someone than learn all of the intricacies. I think of it like finances: it’s important to understand the basic concepts (create a budget, balance your checkbook and know the general tax laws and regulations), yet I pay an accountant to prepare my taxes.

Nonetheless, the information is good to know. What’s handy about the live webinars is that they have experts to answer your questions. To access their information or sign up for future webinars go here.

Instructional Videos with Worksheets:

  1. 4 Steps to business success on Facebook
  2. Connect with new fans using Facebook Ads
  3. Engage your fans on your Facebook Page
  4. Influence friends of fans on Facebook

View Past Webinars:

  • An Introduction to the Four Steps to Business Success
  • Measure and Improve your Ad Campaigns
  • Deep Dive – Sponsored Stories

Participate in Upcoming Webinars:

  • May 15th: Welcome to Facebook
  • May 23rd: Build Your Page
  • June 7th: Connect with New Fans with Ads

You can also download their free guide, Facebook’s 4 Steps to Business Success.

Please let me know if you find any of these offerings helpful.