Feature: Learning the Benefits of Baby Massage First-Hand

Baby massageLast week, I like to say I got two babies for the price of one. First, we launched Massamio’s Online Practice Manager for Independent Massage Therapists at the American Massage Therapy Association’s (AMTA) 2012 Annual Convention in Raleigh.

Second–and during the convention–my son Jonathan was born (which caused me to fly back early from AMTA in Raleigh to Tucson).

The Birth of the Online Practice Manager
Both births were a long time in the making. In fact, we’ve spent the past year and a half working with dozens of massage therapists to build the best online practice management solution for independent massage therapists. In this respect, Massamio’s gestation is more like that of an elephant than of a human. But the wait was well worth it.

Our team is so excited, just like proud parents, knowing that this is just the first step of many as we strive toward our mission of small business empowerment for independent massage therapists. We are grateful to our pioneer therapists whom are with us in this early stage.

photo (4)1The Birth of My Son, Jonathan

Jonathan’s birth, as some go, was complicated, causing him to have to go into the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Everything is fine, thankfully, but nonetheless, it’s scary having your first child sitting in an incubator.

So, as I sat in the NICU holding him, naturally I was thinking in part about what I was missing at the AMTA Raleigh convention. I decided to do a Google search on the research behind neonatal massage. The results were remarkable and made me cry tears of joy.

Here’s what I found:

A clinical study of 69 infants, randomly assigned to either a control group or a treatment group showed that infants treated with massage were:

  • less likely to have jaundice
  • had lower neonatal bilirubin levels
  • increased stool frequency
  • increased passing of meconium

The conclusion: “It is therefore suggested that baby massage may contribute towards the prevention of newborn jaundice and control bilirubinemia to within normal ranges.”

I was ecstatic, because, you guessed it, Jonathan was thought to have jaundice. So, naturally, I started massaging him. What made me cry tears of joy though was his reaction to the massage. He would move his previously fatigued head, wiggled his fingers, and finally…a smile.

My first smile from my son!

This anecdote, supported by this study, exemplifies the value, effectiveness, and importance of massage for all people. Human touch, but more importantly, massage practiced with intention is fundamental to everyone’s health and well-being.

I am proud to share a compilation of some of the best research on the effectiveness of massage therapy that Dr. Naomi of Massamio has compiled. It showcases how massage is effective at helping treat aspects of anxiety, depression, headaches, pain, stress, insomnia, pregnancy, cancer and much more.

My hope is that we as a society EMBRACE THE POWER OF MASSAGE for all people. Additionally, my hope for the thousands of independent massage therapists building their massage businesses–watching them grow from infancy into successful practices–is that Massamio can be a part of your community that helps you build your dream practices, so that you, in turn, can be the hands that bring health to the world through massage.

This feature is part of a monthly series of posts each written by a Massamio staff member that focuses on the latest happenings with Massamio and personal stories by the folks behind the scenes.