Feature: Massage Therapy Experiences – The Good and The Bad

istock_000000988043smallBecca Mandel is the Program Coordinator at the University of Arizona Center on Aging and Massamio.com’s original Marketing extraordinaire. Becca continues to support Massamio by stepping in and offering us a had as needed and by adding her keen insight to the client experience.

Before becoming involved with Massamio I had only had two massages in my life. One that was incredible, and one that made me never want to get a massage again!

The one that was incredible was with a family friend. I had just completed a 30-day backpacking trip in Wyoming and bearing so much weight on my shoulders caused my hands to go numb. After talking to my massage therapist about my expectations, she felt confident that she could alleviate my pain. And that’s exactly what she did. She made me feel like I was in the hands of someone who was comfortable, confident and capable. And the immediate relief felt life changing. My nightmares of chronic hand numbness disappeared and I was back to my regular activities that day.

The not-so-incredible massage was a gift to my sister-in-law and me from my mom to a local spa (which has since then, changed it’s name). We hoped for that relaxing spa vacation, but instead were met with an experience that was the exact opposite of tranquility. The massage therapist was unprofessional and completely out of tune with my needs and expectations for the massage. Unfortunately, Massamio didn’t exist back then or else I would have been able to acquaint myself with the therapist beforehand through their personal profile and real reviews.

Since then, I was skeptical of getting a massage, afraid of another potentially uncomfortable hour that I would have to pay for. That is, until I started working for Massamio and had the pleasure of getting a massage from one of our Beta Testers, Deb Kortyna who works for Desert Wind Healing Arts.

Before I arrived I had flashes from my last massage running through my head, but as soon as I met her, I felt immediately welcomed. We sat down and chatted a bit and I had the opportunity to share my expectations and previous massage experience so she was aware that I identify a “massage newbie”—excited but uncertain of what to expect. First, Deb helped me to choose my massage oil by reading the expression on my face as I sniffed each one. The last one was the charm, indicated by how my eyes lit up at the scent.

This example of attention to my personal taste confirmed that this massage was about me. After that, she gave me clear instructions about how to disrobe and how to lie on the massage table so there was no room for confusion. And no one wants to feel confused while taking off their clothes so that was much appreciated!

Before beginning the massage she made it clear that if anything hurt or didn’t feel good I should speak up and after that I just shut my eyes and went to a place of bliss. It was magical and any remaining thoughts of my previous massage melted away along with my tension, stress and pain. It was truly wonderful and honestly, I was hoping for an encore once it was over!

What’s your massage story? We would love to hear it.


This feature is part of a monthly series of posts each written by a Massamio team member that focuses on the lastest happenings with Massamio and personal stories by the folks behind the scenes.


Comments from original Massamio post:

I’ve had almost all positive experiences, but one in particular was truly horrific. I had limited time, so I booked a 30 minute session at a local massage school’s student clinic. Since it was only 30 minutes, I requested work on my lower back and forearms. The girl never touched my lower back or forearms. She worked my hamstrings (improperly draped), calves, and upper back. Her shoes were too large, so she shuffled throughout the massage. Her phone kept buzzing in her pocket. Finally, she would sometimes sort of space out – even though I was face down I could tell her concentration was somewhere else. After the massage I left feedback on the comment form for her, trying (gently) to point out some of the bigger issues. I don’t like to criticize, especially since I feel I’m sometimes overly critical of other massage therapists (due to being an LMT myself), but I figured it was better she hear it before graduation rather than afterward. — Posted @ Friday, November 30, 2012 8:55 PM by Jaci Yeager, LMT