Free Lost-and-Found Service to Track Belongings

[Ed: (Apr-2019) Belongs, Inc went dark sometime in 2014. (Sigh)]

Belongs Inc. has launched the first global lost-and-found web and mobile service. It seems to be a very cool service. The service is free for individuals; the company offers special plans and pricing for businesses to help them handle their asset management and to tag all the valuables in the company or company units.

The sign-up process was easy and I immediately received confirmation. The following information is from a press release on their site.

The proprietary technology, based on QR (Quick Response) code tags, was created by a group of resourceful Finnish contrarians who envisioned a better world ? a world without the unnecessary grief that comes from losing your valuables.

When was the last time you lost some really valuable item? Was it a phone, wallet, bag, car keys or sport equipment? Regrettably, these things tend to happen to all of us. Until now losing one’s stuff has been accepted as a frustrating yet quintessential part of the universal human condition. This frustration, it seemed, was destined to haunt humankind for all eternity.

belongs_code-stickerNow with Belongs, you no longer have to worry about losing your valuables. The idea is simple. Order free tag stickers from the website, claim them online and stick them to your valuables. When your item gets lost, the finder can scan the tag’s QR code with their smartphone or access the web address on the tag. The owner is automatically notified, and anonymous chat is established between the two parties to arrange the return of the lost item. To further incentivize the returning of valuables, Belongs supports setting rewards for found items through PayPal, and the Belongs technology will streamline the transfer of the reward from owner to finder.

Check out their entertaining instructional video.