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We at Sohnen-Moe Associates, Inc. offer a variety of resources to assist you in your success. Our plan is to include a collection of publications by other authors, product samples and special offers.

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Natural Touch Marketing (www)
Dec 2009
Crafting Your Message E-book [1.8MB]

Crafting Your Image A collection of hand-picked insights on Crafting Your Message from Eileen Ryan's Marketing Matters Blog.

  • Know your regular clients
  • Tightly focus your marketing efforts
  • Speak directly to your clients needs
  • Plan your marketing strategies
Jon Lumsden (www)
Nov 2007
Successful Massage Marketing E-book [340 KB]

A 21 page e-book whose main focus is to help you effectively evaluate and create your own marketing plans.

Topics include:

  • How to make the most from your goal setting
  • Evaluating your practice and spotting areas needing improvement
  • How to avoid wasting your marketing dollars
  • Hints on organizing your practice
  • Why and how to improve your massage-client connections
  • How to evaluate and create (or choose) effective marketing materials
  • Ten ways to bring in business with educational newsletters

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