Check out our last blog post for ideas for using client surveys to build business and collect testimonials. Here are two more ideas for surveys you could give to stir up interest about your range of services and help you gain more information about your clients.

Personality Survey

Here are some examples of questions that could make a fun, but brief personality “test” to tell you more about your clients, and even provide an avenue for marketing services your clients haven’t yet tried.

1. What is your favorite kind of vacation?

  • Reading a book on the beach
  • Enjoying a fancy hotel and 4-star restaurants
  • Taking a self-care workshop
  • Hiking, biking or kayaking

2. After running, biking or playing volleyball, would you rather:

  • Soak in a hot tub
  • Shower and eat a hearty dinner
  • Rub your legs down with liniment
  • Stretch or practice yoga for an hour

3. Where do you relax the most?

  • In warm summer sun
  • In a yoga class
  • In the woods or by a stream
  • In a cool, quiet room

4. In your free time, would you rather:

  • Work in the garden or around the house
  • Write or sketch in your journal
  • Take a walk
  • Have coffee or wine with friends

The following text is an example of how you can conclude the survey by giving clients an idea of what other services might work well for them. Substitute the services I mention for some of yours.

Look over your answers. They might give you some ideas about what other of our services you might like to try. Care to try out our soaking tub before your massage? What about Thai massage, sometimes called “lazy man’s yoga?” We also offer weekend workshops on a variety of self-care topics. Sign up with a friend and make a special day of it.

Promotional Survey

When you collect these kind of surveys, note what clients like and tailor your offers accordingly. You could also collect information about the client surveyed, such as gender, to see if that impacts the answers.

We offer you special deals from time to time. In your opinion, what are the best specials? Which ones do you take advantage of?

  • A free or low-cost offer for a service you haven’t tried before
  • A discount coupon for your usual service
  • A two-for-one offer (for you and a friend, for example)
  • A package deal (five sessions for the price of four)
  • A special combination treat for a good price

What about you? Have you ever surveyed your clients for feedback? We would love to hear what you did below in our comments section…

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[This blog article was originally published on the Natural Touch Marketing blog site. We are reposting it here for your benefit, and with permission.]