Generating Winning Ideas, A Brainstorming Exercise

Keep your business fresh and growing by adding a new product or service at least twice a year. Consider using this brainstorming technique to jump-start your process.

sma-blog-brainstorming-exerciseCreate a document with 2 columns. On the left column list at least 10 new services or products you’d like to offer. Highlight 2 ideas that you feel would be the most appealing to your clients (or potential clients). On the right column, list all of the details required to offer a new service or product, such as direct financial costs (e.g., inventory, equipment, furniture), staff (e.g., hiring staff, special training), and marketing (e.g., materials, method of implementation).

Review the list in column 2 and next to each detail, identify which of the two ideas it correlates with (#1, #2, or both). Then, choose the idea you think would be the best to try first. Once you’ve implemented the idea and you are seeing results, work on the second idea—or start the whole process over.

We would love for you to share about your new ideas, your experience with this process, and your results.