Gift Certificate Redemption Brings in NEW Clients

What’s the easiest way to gain new clients? Make sure your gift certificates get redeemed! I know you’re spending time and money promoting your gift certificate sales at the moment—for good reason. The majority of wellness practitioners rely on holiday certificate sales to replenish their coffers this time of the year. And there’s no doubt that it’s a wonderful thing to make a chunk of change each time you sell one. But remember—you’ll reap a lot more from ongoing appointments with a newly converted client than from one gift certificate sale.

So, you want to get them redeemed.

Sometimes people are reluctant to come in for their first appointment if they don’t know you or your work. This is where brochures come in—your own or a topic-specific brochure with your name on it.


  1. Politely but directly ask the buyer to tell you a little about the receiver.
  2. Include with the gift certificate, a brochure that describes your practice or speaks to the concerns or situation of the receiver.


When some people receive a gift certificate for massage (for example), they leap for joy and call the next day to schedule. But there are a lot of people who still haven’t had a massage, are too busy, want to hoard it for something special, or are a little shy… or have any other number of reasons not to call. But let’s say you enclose a brochure on massage for women with a woman’s gift certificate. And she reads that massage can help reduce PMS and headaches. For a woman who experiences those things, this can be an Ah-Ha moment. And when THAT happens, you’re liable to get a booking.

If you would like more on keeping the new clients you got from gift certificate sales, read this article. And may your sales be over the top this year!

Anyone have additional tips for getting those gift certificates redeemed? Please add them in the comments section below: