Give Clients Extra Value, Not Discounts

When your schedule is slow, the first thing you think of is giving a discount. While that makes a certain amount of sense, I’d like to argue that you should promote your services by adding value to a session rather than a discount.

First off, you’ve set your fee for a reason. And we know your services are worth that fee. What’s more, when you add to your service, it gives you a chance to offer something tangible, something the client can feel. They can feel the warm herbal foot bath or those 15 minutes of hot stone massage before their session. And this can make them feel valued, as in, “Wow, I get my massage plus she’s letting me soak in the hot tub beforehand.”

Promote Value-Added Specials

If you want to try it, first brainstorm some add-ons that would work for you. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Schedule your regular massage, and get an extra 15 minutes. People always love extra time. Let them choose the problem area they would like you to focus on during those bonus minutes.

Schedule your regular massage and I will include 15 minutes of hot stone/Thai massage/craniosacral therapy. Create a beautiful offer that includes your main service and highlights your add-on. Introduce people to modalities that haven’t caught on and give your clients what they are used to at the same time.

Experiment with Unique Promotional Ideas

Think about what little luxuries or special perks your clients might enjoy.

Schedule a massage before June 15 and receive my Summer Special. You’ll be invited to come early and enjoy a 15-minute foot soak and a cool lemon drink. Target this one to people who arrive at their appointments breathless, barely on time.

Schedule your next massage now, and fill your senses in our meditation room before and after your session. Have a cup of tea and a piece of fresh fruit. Enjoy diffused essential oils and peaceful music. Make this promotional sound like a perk, and not something that’s available all the time.

A Marketing Strategy to Build On

In addition to promoting a special to all your clients, here are some other ways to use add-ons to reward or motivate your clients.

  • Entice clients to rebook in response to your email message announcing last-minute openings.
  • Encourage clients to fill under-utilized hours, say from 1 to 4 PM.
  • Reward people who buy more than 3 massage gift certificates at a time.

Think about what unique treats you have to offer your clients. You may be surprised how effective including these small pleasures encourages your clients to schedule.