Give Your Best Clients a Treat without Spending More

Now is a great time to contact your A List clients with a special deal for them. Walmart (I know, I know, but work with me on this) gathered the attention of marketing gurus because of how they present their products to customers. What Walmart did is “value bundle.”

Example: When you buy a kid’s bike, for a little more money you can get a helmet and knee pads. You can get a skateboard value bundle with helmet and knee and elbow pads. This is good thinking. Kids, of course, should have a helmet. By offering it as part of a bundle, Walmart lessens the chances that the kid will just make do with a hand-me-down helmet or have the parents buy one later, or from another store.

How can bodyworkers use this strategy?

To get your answer, consider:

  • What do your clients need before or after a session?
  • What is coming up (holiday or community event) that your clients spend a lot of time preparing for?
  • Failing the approach of a holiday, etc., when is a slower time where you can encourage your clients to come in for special care?

For me, it would be great if I could get a massage and then get my hair washed and styled so I don’t have to rush home to get cleaned up before going out to whatever holiday party is on our list that night. To do this, my MT and hairstylist would have to get together and block out some days for their A List clients. Then they’d send out a note to their select group saying,

“We have a special treat for you. My favorite hairstylist, Sara-ann, and I have teamed up to give you the most relaxing holiday ever. Sara-ann and I have blocked off Friday the 12th and the 19th just for you. Call and make an appointment for a one-hour massage. After your time with me, Sara-ann will care for your hair with all-natural products and blow-dry it, too. You can leave my studio looking fabulous and ready to celebrate. Price for a one-hour massage and a wash and style, one after another, without having to go out into the cold: $100. There are limited spaces so please call soon to get the best time for you.”

Certainly, you don’t have to get this involved. But it’s good to be singled out and offered something special. And you can do this without offering a further discount. Offer preferential times, extend your business hours (for a very short time), offer to mail your clients’ gift certificates to the recipients, give a few packets of special tea. You don’t need to lose money to make your best clients feel special.