Half & Half: Writing for lefties and righties

Last night we got to talking about the difficulty in A) balancing personality and professionalism in our websites’ text and B) balancing science and spirit while explaining our work to people.

Oh. Yeah. That is a toughie.

Potential clients either back away from words like “energy” and “spirit” claiming they just want their neck to quit hurting so much. Or they go all glassy-eyed when you mention “kinesiology” or “paresthesias” and say they just want to meditate with you.

Some of us have an advantage in that we have solid backgrounds in left-brain stuff, so we can talk to the stereotypical A-type personalities. And, of course, we can communicate our art to those who view basic math, spelling, and navigation skills as “optional.” Even with left brain/right brain skills, though, we do acknowledge that it can feel like there’s always this low-grade struggle to tailor a marketing message to engage both engineers and poets.

As we commiserated the thought occurred, why not let clients decide how they want to explore and learn about your practice? We keep talking about balancing language for both the left-brainers and the right-brainers. Why keep struggling? Why not make the distinction really, really obvious in your marketing and speak to both, each on their own terms?

Some thoughts we came up with:

  • Good, professional business cards are not that expensive. Create one for the potential client whose primary goal is to improve their golf game. Create another for people who want to use your work to re-charge their Energy.
  • When you send out postcards, create two messages; one appealing to logic, one appealing to emotion.

Will this take a little more effort on your part? Sure. But think about how you can save time and teeth enamel by not wrestling with balancing your website and business card text.

Oh, speaking of logic and emotion: we read somewhere that you use logic to convince people to invest time/money in something new. You appeal to their emotion to get them to do it again. Over the years we have found this to be true. Your thoughts?