Holiday Promos For the Women in Your Practice

According to a recent AMTA survey, it’s still true that more women are getting massage than men. So if your practice is typical, you are probably speaking more often to women when you promote your services — and your gift certificates.

Women, more than men, also tend to look for health solutions for their friends and families. What’s more, this time of the year many women are up to their necks keeping up with the kids, holiday functions, and shopping, on top of the usual work and domestic obligations. Many of your female clients will be interested in buying massage for their loved ones — as well as for themselves.

But you must remind them that:

  1. you have gift certificates,
  2. it’s easy to acquire them, and
  3. they can add massage to their own wish list.

Who are the women in your practice?

First of all, consider your female clients. Maybe they are stay-at-home moms, sports enthusiasts, or professionals competing for their place in the corporate or academic world. Think about which ones are most likely to buy gift certificates. Who do they need to buy gifts for? And which clients would place massage gift certificates at the top of their list to receive?

What should you say?

Here are some examples of gift certificate promotional text that may speak to the concerns of your female clients.

  • Health and fitness enthusiasts. “Give your friends a gift that is not an excuse to skip their exercise class or fall off their diet. Give the gift of massage.”
  • Professionals. “We live in a fast-paced world. To keep going, the people you care for need a time and space to let go. Give the gift of massage.”
  • Married with children. “Lighten up for the holidays. If your special someone has not been feeling their best, make the holidays better for everyone. Give them the gift of massage.”

Here are two ideas to take this idea even further.

One: As part of a gift certificate purchase, offer to make a package that includes other useful information. For example, our Chronic Pain and Massage and Massage Therapy for Sports and Fitness are just two of our brochures that explain why and how massage helps.

Two: Offer women an actual script to help them convince their partners to use their gift. Here’s an example.

“For those of you who would love to see your partner come in for a session, here’s what I often say to reluctant folks. ‘You often want to accomplish a lot at work, at home, and in the gym or on the field. You have high expectations of yourself and want to stay energetic and fit. Massage can help you keep going. It can help you reduce stress and restore energy reserves.'”

Write this up and hand it out as a flyer, email it to selected clients, or add it to a client newsletter.

Help women ask for the gift of massage.

Many women have partners who rush out to the mall on Christmas Eve to spend too much money on outfits that will never be worn. Make it easy on both parties and send a promotional with this catch: the message is aimed at their partners. For example, send a postcard that essentially reads, “Honey, what I would really like is massage.” Make it clear that the postcard is something your female clients can give to their partners suggesting they would like to receive a massage gift certificate. 

If you don’t yet have a plan for promoting gift certificate sales to your clients, create one now. Let your clients know that you make gift certificates easy to purchase and give. And to make the most of your efforts, remember to focus a good part of those efforts on the women in your practice.