How NOT to Sell Products

This week I spent the afternoon at a spa at the Omni Hotel in Atlanta. The first thing I noticed was the absence of a retail area. I later discovered this was due to the layout constrictions. The reception desk is about 10 feet in front of the main entrance As you walk through the entrance, the bathroom doors are located on either side of the front door, to the left of the reception area is the gym, to the right of reception is a hall (with a lockable door) to the treatment rooms, and toward the rear of the reception area is a lounge. Hotel guests have access to the public areas even when the spa is closed. Thus, it’s difficult to display products unless they are in a locked cabinet. Even so, a security camera would probably be required to discourage theft.

Still, products could be sold by the therapists. Particularly when they are great products! I had a scrub, massage and facial. My husband (Jim) had a scrub and a massage. The scrub was fabulous. They used some kind of lemon grass and bamboo product that was perfect for my sensitive skin. It did a great job at exfoliating my skin without irritating it. Plus it didn’t assault my olfactory sense. It was Jim’s first scrub and he’s now committed to getting them several times a year.

I was effusive about the product. He said they just started using it and told me the name of the manufacturer but, of course, I didn’t remember it. He also explained that they have sold products in the past, but because of the lack of retail area and sales staff, it was done on a very limited basis. I waited till my scrub and massage were over and still no mention of how I could purchase the scrub.

I figured I would see what happened when I got my facial, as estheticians are usually quite adept at product sales. And this particular person is also a massage therapist, and gave Jim his scrub and massage. Alas, no talk about any products, or even any recommendations about what I should do for my skin care. She did ask me if I had any questions….

Even though I had a lovely experience, what I remember most is that I wanted that scrub. Now if I want it, I’m going to have to call the spa. And since I have several other suitable scrubs already, what do you think is going to happen?

By the way, all the services were great and the prices reasonable (for a spa)! If you ever find yourself near the OMNI at the CNN Center, treat yourself to a spa day.