How to Build Your Business Alongside Another

In our last post, we talked about marketing your practice in tandem with another business. Today let’s look at what you can do with other businesses to bring in new clients before and around the holidays.

Develop Joint Promotions with a Neighboring Business

Look around at your business neighbors. Just for the exercise, choose one that’s either next door, across the street, or around the corner. Now rack your brain for ideas for joint promotions. For instance, how could you promote your service in their place of business in exchange for gift certificates? In this scheme, the business would have the choice of using your gift certificates themselves or giving them to customers as part of a package or as a thank you. We’ve talked to therapists who have partnered with salons, health clubs, drug stores, tea shops, and even auto shops. See what you can come up with.

Write down your ideas, and put them away for a day or two. Then get your list back out, and — here’s the challenge — choose an idea to follow through on, or come up with an even better idea. Now make a list of steps it would take to make it happen, and tackle the first one.

If you approach one business with your idea and they are not interested, look at it as an opportunity to establish rapport. Leave them with a discount coupon, and move on to your next idea. Persistence really does pay off.

Invite a Complementary Practitioner into Your Practice

Here’s another idea. Maybe you’ve been thinking you could do some great things this fall with something new such as a spa treatment like a paraffin dip or steam table, although you haven’t yet decided to invest in the equipment. But you know there is someone out there who is already doing this treatment and wants to build his or her business, too.

Let’s say you have room at your business where this practitioner could practice one or two days a week. Bring him or her in. Promote the heck out of this new service, and attract new clients into your practice while providing more healthful services for your clients.

If you don’t have room in your own practice, then create a joint promotional effort. Sell gift certificates packages for the holidays that include both your service and theirs. Or send a joint promotional mailing or email, offering the packages.

Whatever you decide to do, remember that you now stand out from the crowd. More people are talking about you, and your name has a much better chance of reaching someone who will give your services a try.