How to Create a Winning Massage Therapist Profile

istock_000000615399smallMore and more we’re seeing how the use of technology can influence our massage practice. From blogs to Twitter and, of course, the mighty Facebook. If you aren’t using these tools to promote your practice, I suggest going online and getting familiar with the people who are. Follow them, read their blogs, see what they’re saying and how they’re saying it.

Massamio is making it easy to merge all of those things into your practice, but our favorite subject these days is the professional profile. Here are some handy tips for when you create your profile with Massamio.

When sitting down to create your professional profile, we suggest you first browse our directory to look at as many profiles as you can. Get a sense of what you like; what resonates with you as a professional massage therapist and as a client? You are a client sometimes, aren’t you? (Oh, boy, I hope the answer to that is “yes”!) For example, I love well-shot pictures and gravitate toward profiles with aesthetically pleasing photos with bright colors and in an obviously professional setting.

So, while you are perusing user profiles, notice details you like: watch their videos, read their professional statements, note what profiles look like without a professional statement, look at the photos of treatments spaces and head shots.

What do you like about them? What’s missing? Most importantly, what would you do differently?

Instead of using acronyms to tell the client what associations you belong to, or what school you went to, write out those names. Most clients don’t know what ABMP or AMTA stand for, so let’s teach them. Choose conditions that you’re comfortable working with, treatments that you provide, and feel free to type in any treatments that you provide that aren’t mentioned on our list.

What can you say in your professional statement that tells the client a bit about you and your treatment?

What can they expect when they come to your treatment space?

We recommend both showing them and telling them. Which is why we love our professional videos so much. In your video, it is your opportunity to “shake the hand” of a potential client. Tell them what your skills are, what they can expect from a treatment with you, and perhaps what led you to the profession in the first place. Rarely do we get the opportunity to share these finer details with our clients before working with them, so take this opportunity to do that.

Now, go forth and create that profile!